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Land Rover cars of old distributors are discounted by more than 1 billion VND

HanoiThe number of cars in stock is not much, but the old distributor continues to reduce the price by about 20% to clear the warehouse.

Jaguar Land Rover has a new distributor, Phu Thai Mobility, since the end of 2019, but until now, the old distributor Hoang Gia still has nearly 10 units of the two brands Jaguar and Land Rover, displayed at the showroom on Nguyen Van Cu Street.

A Range Rover Autobiography model is on display at the old showroom. Photo: Land Rover Dealer

The main models in stock are Jaguar F-Pace and Land Rover Discovery, both produced in 2019, 2020. Especially, the most expensive car still in existence is Range Rover Sport HSE Dynamic with a price of 6.5 billion VND. Thus, with a 20% discount, the amount reduced to 1.3 billion VND.

A salesperson at the old distributor shared, when there was a new distributor, the old distributor still had more than 50 cars of all lines, but due to the change in distribution policy, pushing carts encountered many problems. difficult.

In addition, most of the cars in stock are available cars, those that are already equipped are more difficult to sell, because car buyers mainly want to order their own equipment. Another difficulty is that 2019-2020 is the time when the product range is changed, so the inventory push is also slower.

The future is uncertain, so sales staff and dealers also reduce communication activities, so the car has not been sold for nearly two years. According to this employee, the car currently has less than 10 units and is expected to be sold out in 2021.

There are new distributors, but all genuine vehicles previously distributed through the old distributor are still guaranteed the policies of Jaguar & Land Rover worldwide.



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