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Land Rover Defender will have a new 7-seat version

The larger version of the Defender could have a supercharged V8 and will go on sale in the US in about 18 months.

Information on a larger version of the Land Rover Defender has been around since the SUV was first announced, with a document leaked from 2019. But now the British automaker has confirmed that the three-row version, name Defender 130, available and ready to hit the market.

Defender 90 (left) can carry up to 6 people, while version 110 has 5, 6 and 5 + 2 seat options. Image: Land Rover

Customers of full-size SUVs often prefer the convenience of three-row versions. This further confirms the importance of Defender to Jaguar Land Rover, as market demand is increasingly strong. Defender sales have grown well since its launch in 2020, and despite the Covid-19 impact, the product accounted for 16% of its total production in the last quarter of last year.

The Defender used to have customizations to the wheelbase, and was available for commercial vehicles as well as pickups. The company originally named the car according to the wheelbase, such as the Defender 90 (93-inch wheelbase, or 2,360 mm), the Defender 110 (110-inch wheelbase, or 2,794 mm), and also the Defender 130 ( 127 inch wheelbase, or 3,226 mm) But the Defender doesn’t have a true three-row version (the Defender 110 only has a 5 + 2 option).

So far, the new 7-seat version is called the Defender 130, but the wheelbase is only 119 inches (3,022 mm), not 127 inches as before, which is equal to the Defender 110, but the overall length is slightly better, with 5,105 mm. compared with 5,019 mm, so it can carry up to 8 people.

Defender 130 is expected to gain a foothold in the North American, Chinese, and Middle Eastern markets, in a segment that the British automaker has almost never reached.

The engine is currently unknown on the 7-seat version, but it is possible to choose a supercharged V8 for over $ 100,000. Oil engines can be equipped with the Defender 130 in other markets around the world, as well as a hybrid version in select markets.

In Vietnam, the current version of Land Rover Defender imported genuine and sold from the beginning of 2020, with prices from VND 3.8 billion for version 110.

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