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‘Later Korean cars do not mean poor quality’

Vietnamese people have known Korean cars since the 90s with legends like Kia CD or Lanos, and there are cars that still run well.

In fact, Japanese cars entering the market have become reputable brands in Vietnam since the 1970s, with prominent brands including: Toyota, Mazda, and Honda. Toytota Corwn was one of the luxury cars back then.

In the early 1980s, Japanese consumer goods, including Japanese cars exported to the US, overwhelmed American goods in the United States. That’s why President Reagan pressured Japan to reduce trade surplus through the US. As a result, Japan had to open a car factory in the US.

At that time, Korea almost did not have an automobile industry. However, the Korean auto industry has developed miraculously, choosing the direction of making cars for domestic use before exporting to other countries. Therefore, Korean cars were only known much around the mid-1990s, and exploded around the early 2000s.

In Vietnam, the first generation Korean car to Vietnam has typical faces, such as Kia, Hyundai, Daewoo … Vietnamese driving lessons in 1990-2000 were “familiar with” Lanos … about 10 Five, in the top 5 Korean used cars selling for 100 million VND, Korea has three cars including Daewoo Lanos 2004, Daewoo Matiz 2003 and Kia CD Pride 2004.

In 2003, my brother bought a Kia CD Pride, traveled 12 years, ran more than 300,000 km, carried a family of 4 to all terrain, including hills … In 2015, changed cars, sold the CD over 80 million dong, leading to the buying house. This practical example shows that Korean cars are also very durable, not as many commenters disparage the waist of Korean cars.

In the end, which car is better than who is your companion in the car? Remember!

Readers Nguyen Thanh Tuan


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