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“Le Trésor du Petit Nicolas” with Julien Rappeneau

Little Nicolas’s Treasure, novel adapted from Julien Rappeneau’s film by Emmanuelle Lepetit, IMAV Éditions (September 2021) and release of the film on October 20.

The youngest have the chance to find out. For the not so young, it is just a pleasure to find this classic created by René Goscinny and Sempé. Little Nicolas is still not his age, and yet he is already over 60 years old! Through the pages of this novel, we go to the beautiful country of childhood, that of the Invincibles!

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Nicolas has seven friends, “the Invincibles”, all different, like the seven days of the week. So, inevitably, it is a real disaster when the young boy learns that he will have to move: his father has obtained a promotion and he must go to Aubagne … Suffice to say that it will be like “in prison”! Say goodbye to school fun, and all the wonderful vacant lot adventures with precious friends. But to escape it then begins a mysterious treasure hunt that could save Nicolas from leaving!

The novel is illustrated by the photos of the shoot, just to make you want to go back to the dark rooms! In the credits, Ilan Debrabant, Jean-Paul Rouve and Audrey Lamy, and many other talents! In short, you just have time to read this little gem of freshness and childhood, then go to the cinema with your family, you will love to see it shine Little Nicolas’s Treasure !

"Little Nicolas' treasure", a film by Julien Rappeneau (© 2021 CURIOSA FILMS)

As a screenwriter, in 2004 he received the César for best screenplay for Have a good trip by Jean-Paul Rappeneau, and in 2005 that of the best screenplay for 36 Quai des Goldsmiths by Olivier Marchal. As a director, Little Nicholas’ Treasure, is his third film after Rosalie Blum, in 2005 and Ant, in 2019.

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