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‘Legendary’ Japanese sports car costs 485,000 USD

JapanNissan GT-R V Spec II Nur R34, the 2002 JDM model is kept almost new by the owner, with odo about 362 km.

JDM Expo – one of the top exporters of classic and sports cars in central Japan, recently posted a 2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 V Spec II Nur 2002. R34 Spec II Nur is named after the Nurburgring racetrack. Only 718 units of this special edition were built in honor of the GT-R R34 sports car line-up.

GT-R R34. Image: JDM Expo

Among the upgrades of the V Spec II Nur, especially the large turbocharger, give more power. The Japanese automaker announced a capacity of only 276 hp at that time, but many believe that the actual capacity of the R34 V Spec II Nur can be up to 330 horsepower. Accompanying a power upgrade are a few changes in appearance that also make the car different from the conventional R34.

According to JDM Expo, the car is almost new because it only rolls 362 km. Even the seller explained that the special new car smell in the interior still remains and affirms “The car is clean, the correct number of kilometers traveled and has been verified, no accident, rust and the interior is intact like a new car. “.

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