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“Les 2 Alfred”: the two Podalydès for the price of one, with Sandrine Kiberlain as a bonus, in a social comedy

Denis and Bruno Podalydès rarely go one without the other (Like a plane, Farewell Berthe, Public bench). They invite Sandrine Kiberlain in The 2 Alfred, in theaters Wednesday June 16. The meeting between an unemployed fifty-something, a king of resourcefulness, and a twisted manager: appetizing on paper, the film goes around in circles, but was still part of the official selection of the Cannes Film Festival 2020, out of competition.

Nearly sixty, Alexandre, unemployed, has two months to prove to his wife that he can take care of their two young children. Problem: the start-up that hires him on a trial basis is “No child!“, and Séverine, her future superior, is a” killer “. The meeting with Arcimboldo,”entrepreneur of himself“and king of odd jobs on apps, takes it in hand.

The situation lends itself to a promising comedy of morals. Confronting a boomer grandpa against a 5G star-up is the perfect place, but a little easy. The pamphleteer tone recalls the best of Jean Yanne in 1972 (I want some money), but the film explores the clichés. The majority of the gags are based on the English speaking jargon of the dialogues. The web, video, brainstorming and other apps are puzzles for Alexandre. Séverine is the cantankerous domineering woman on duty and Arcimboldo, Jojo the tinker. Caricatures of stereotypes.

The realization is a bit lazy. The refusal of staging effects in the best films of Bruno Podalydès is one of their qualities. But here it comes to an end, the situation is not enriched enough to fill the minimalist form. The movements punctuate the film but are summarized in many car interiors where we make phone calls. After wondering what the cinema would be without the telephone, we wonder what it would be without the cell phone.

Sandrile Kiberlain in "The 2 Alfred" by Bruno Podalydès (2020).  (AFBRILLOT)

What made a good subject does not bounce back, despite a lively pace. The first effect of surprise is declined without being renewed, we go around in circles. But the moral is safe: the sterile start-up is defeated, have children!

Poster of "The 2 Alfred" by Bruno Podalydès" (2020).  (UGC DISTRIBUTION)

Kind : Comedy
Director : Bruno Podalydès
Actors : Denis Podalydès, Sandrine Kiberlain, Bruno Podalydès
Country : France
Duration : 1h32
Exit : June 16, 2021
Distributor : UGC Distribution

The film is part of the Cannes 2020 Official Selection.

Synopsis: Alexandre, a declassified unemployed person, has two months to prove to his wife that he can take care of his two young children and be financially independent. Problem: The Box, the very friendly start-up that wants to hire him on a trial basis, has the dogma: “No child! », And Séverine, his future superior, is a« killer »with an eruptive character. To get this job, Alexandre must therefore lie … Will the meeting with Arcimboldo, “entrepreneur of himself” and king of odd jobs on apps, help this valiant and confused man to overcome all these challenges?

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