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Lexus sales surpassed Mercedes and BMW

AmericaIn the third quarter, the Japanese brand overtook both rivals from Germany to occupy the top of sales of the luxury car market.

Lexus, which has yet to win any annual US sales in the luxury car segment, grew 2% in the third quarter. Toyota’s subsidiary sold 75,285 vehicles. Meanwhile, both BMW and Mercedes sold more than 69,000 vehicles.

Trademark Quarter III / 2020 Quarter III / 2019 The first 9 months of 2020 Growth
compared to quarter III / 2019 (%)
Lexus 75,285 73,816 182,087 2
Mercedes 69,631 76,816 196,838 -9.4
BMW 69,570 83,003 179,982 -16.2
Tesla 64,000 54,800 196,000 16.8
Audi 47,893 57,031 124.103 -16
Acura 39,664 39,046 95,654 1.6
Cadillac 32,965 39,961 86,586 -17.5
Volvo 30,349 27,312 73.604 11.1
Lincoln 27,554 27,934 73,396 -1.4
Infiniti 17,367 24,876 59,020 -30.2

In the Top 10, there are 4 brands achieving an increase, the remaining 6 brands decrease, compared to the same period of the third quarter of 2019. The biggest increase was Tesla, with 16.8%, while the biggest decrease was Infiniti, 30.2%.

However, if you calculate the total number of cars sold in the first 9 months of 2020, Mercedes still leads with 196,838 cars. Followed by Tesla and Lexus, and the other two German brands, BMW and Audi, completed the Top 5.

RX 2020 – the best-selling crossover in America. Image: Lexus

Lexus has shown strength compared to rivals from Germany, with the RX crossover hit the US market. Both Mercedes and BMW are affected by the scarcity of cargo – the impact of factories shutting down for weeks in Europe and the US due to the disease. In September alone, Lexus increased sales by 31% with best-selling products including RX, NX and ES.

“Sales of used BMW cars are very high. I think this has ‘eaten the cake’ in the car market,” said Marc Cohen, vice president of Priority 1 Automotive in Maryland, which runs two BMW dealerships. new”.

Tesla, the domestic American automaker, thought it could take the top spot in the luxury car market, but still ranked 4th in the third quarter and second in terms of sales in the first nine months.

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