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LIVE – 2021 World Cup: follow France-Slovenia

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Horacek misses a penalty

The Frenchman’s shot crashed into the crossbar. Too bad because the Blue could widen the gap even more and they could regret this type of failure …

Slovenia can’t do it in attack

Already three saves for Laura Glauser and it’s been eight minutes without a goal for the Slovenes …

Slovenian timeout

There is already a fire in the Slovenian house, with a first dead time to try to stop the bleeding …

4-0 for the Blue! (5th)

Lassource in check on his wing but on Slovenia’s next attack, the captain intercepts the ball and goes alone on a counterattack to score …

France flies away (3-0)

Slovenia continues to lose balls and this time, it is Grace Zaadi who scores on rising ball …

Glauser’s first parade

Brilliant against Angola, Laura Glauser makes a first save on a shot from Svetik …

The entry break for the Blue (2-0)

Another loss of ball by the Slovenes immediately sanctioned in ball climb by Nze Minko …

Flippes opens the scoring (1-0)

First Slovenian loss of ball and at the end of the rise of the ball, Laura Flippes finds a space and scores six meters from a good lob …

Let’s go !

The kick-off is given by the Slovenians …

Presentation of the two teams

The Granollers room sounds a little less empty than on Friday, even if the atmosphere remains very intimate at this World Championship ….

Only one loss in 25 matches

The results of the confrontations between France and Slovenia are very clearly in favor of the Blue with 23 wins in 25 matches, for a draw and a single defeat, at the 2017 World Cup (23-24). But since then, the French have won three times, 9 (30-21 in 2018), 12 (33-21 in 2019) and 10 goals (27-17 during the last Euro in 2020).

Ana Gros, the Slovenian poison

Five-time French champion with Metz and Brest, Ana Gros remains Slovenia’s number 1 offensive threat, as demonstrated by her 6 goals against Montenegro. But Les Bleues know her well and Krumbholz refuses to focus only on her.

Two clear victories at the start

Friday, the French, after having stammered their handball for a quarter of an hour, had been able to accelerate to get rid of ten goals from Angola, reigning African champion (30-20). Ten goals apart, it is also the addition inflicted by the Slovenes against the Montenegrins (28-18).

First place and qualification in sight

If successful this Sunday, the Blue would already ensure their qualification for the main round, even before challenging Montenegro on Tuesday (8:30 p.m.). It would even be the first place that would reach out to them in this case.

Goodnight all !

Welcome to follow the second match of the France team during the 2021 World Championship in Spain, in Granollers.


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