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LIVE – CAN: follow Algeria-Equatorial Guinea

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What a save from M’Bolhi!! (37th)

On the free kick, Ganet tries his luck and his shot skilfully bypasses the wall and almost traps M’Bolhi at the near post! The Algerian doorman had remained vigilant.

Foul by Benlamri on Edù (35th)

Edù poses a lot of problems for the Algerian defense, it is the third time that the Equatoguinean player has caused a foul. Free kick for Equatorial Guinea.

The match loses pace (33rd)

And precisely, given the efforts made by the Algerians in this beginning of the meeting, we logically observe a small drop in speed after half an hour of play. The temperature and the state of the lawn do not help.

Big Algerian pressing (30th)

The Algerians press hard on the ball carrier and produce a lot of effort in this game.

New fault of Bensebaini! Watch out for red! (27th)

The referee whistles a new foul against Bensebaini, already warned at the start of the game. Beware of the sanction for the Monchengladbach player.

Mahrez is hot in this game! (25th)

Mahrez is at the origin of all the dangerous actions of the Algerians in this beginning of the meeting. The Manchester City striker makes us great Mahrez.


Bounedjah had pushed the ball into the back of the net but the referee returned to Riyad Mahrez offside at the start of the action.

What action!! (21st)

Finally some real action! The Fennecs have come up against the Owono wall! The Equatoguinean goalkeeper makes a superb double save after Bounedjah strikes on a center back from Mahrez.

Very dangerous action whistled offside (19th)

Siafá was alone in the middle of the box, but his cross shot, a little crushed, was caught by M’Bolhi. The referee finally blows his whistle offside.

Corner for the Fennecs (17th)

Bendebka relies on Salvador to take the lead, the referee whistles foul.

Still no chances after a quarter of an hour (15th)

Apart from the recovery of Bensebaini, finally signaled offside, a few minutes earlier, there was not a single chance in this meeting.

Waste on the Algerian side (12th)

Like this recovery missed by Benlamri or the touch in the void of Attal at the start of the meeting, the Algerians show some clumsiness. Perhaps a slight anxiety for the Fennecs?

First thrill! (11th)

The free kick is rolled up in the area, Bensebaini tries to take it back with his toe but it comes close to Owono’s bar! The Gladbach defender is finally flagged offside.

Rain of cardboard at the start of the meeting

New card, the first for the Guineans. Ndong “tripped” Belaïli, who went on the counter-attack goal after Salvador’s free kick. Free kick for Algeria now.

Second yellow for Algeria! (8th)

Bensebaïni receives a yellow after an elbow in the throat of Salvador. Free kick.

The Algerians with ball control (5th)

As expected, it is the Algerians who dictate the game for the moment. Equatorial Guinea is struggling to build its actions at the moment.

Already a yellow card (3rd)

Yellow card for Bounedjah after a stamp on a Guinean player.

The state of the lawn is catastrophic

It is 27° this evening in Douala with a humidity rate of 88%, better conditions than during the Fennecs’ first match against Sierra Leone. However, the pitch is in a terrible state, having hosted the match between Cote d’Ivoire and Sierra Leone an hour ago.

Let’s go !

Kick off this meeting! Mr. Escobar whistles the start of this meeting, Algeria can join Côte d’Ivoire at the top of group E in case of victory.

The hymns ring out

The players entered the lawn, place to hymns!

Look at the standings

Before the start of this match, the Fennecs are 3rd in group E, one point behind Equatorial Guinea (4th), lost on the first day of this CAN 2022 against Côte d’Ivoire (0-1).

The complete ranking of the Can 2022 can be found here 

Hello everyone!

Welcome to this live commentary of the meeting between Algeria and Equatorial Guinea, for the second day of this group E! After the misstep against Sierra Leone, the Fennecs (3rd in the group with 1 point) must imperatively win tonight to reassure themselves. Kick-off at 8 p.m. at Japoma Stadium in Douala.


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