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LIVE – In combat, Toulon snatches victory against Lyon

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It’s over in Toulon!

19-13 victory for the RCT after a tough and hotly contested match. The RCT took advantage of the superiority of its pack and the indiscipline of the LOU who conceded too many faults this afternoon. The Toulonnais leave the last and go up to 11th place. The LOU remains 5th.

Last scrum to follow for Toulon (80th)

While the siren sounds, the Var benefit from a final melee. If the ball is kept, it is victory assured for the RCT.

Penalty missed by Carbonel (79th)

Off center on the right, Carbonel taps to the right of the posts. Still 19-13 for Toulon.

Penalty for Toulon (78th)

Mignot irregularly tackles Isa in the air and Louis Carbonel presents himself again facing the poles.

Berdeu passes the penalty (75th)

The Lyonnais come back to 6 points with 5 minutes from the end.

Penalty for Lyon (74th)

Fault of Isa who plays the ball without being on his supports.

The RCT very close to the interception (72nd)

Swan Rebbadj was very close to intercepting a pass from Berdeu but the Toulon captain made a forward.

Spirits heat up on the lawn (70th)

The Toulon pack takes the upper hand in melee. The Lyonnais are at fault and some courtesies are exchanged between the two teams.

Opportunity wasted by the LOU! (68th)

Good framing by Mignot who then shifts Taufua to the left wing. While a 3 against 1 is to be played for the Lyonnais, the New Zealander prefers to go solo and break through. He loses the benefit of the ball.

Penalty for Toulon (66th)

Good scratching from Facundo Isa and the LOU makes a mistake.

Changes for Lyon (65th)

Jean-Marc Doussain replaces Jonathan Pélissié and Xavier Mignot enters in place of Veredamu.

Change for Toulon (64th)

In order to respect the concussion protocol, Baptiste Serin is replaced by Gervais Cordin.

Penalty achieved by Carbonel (63rd)

Carbonel passes this penalty and the RCT manages a small break.

Serin stays on the ground (62nd)

We witness a succession of kicks at the Mayol stadium then the ball arrives in Serin’s arms. The scrum-half is hit late by Berdeu. An unnecessary foul that offers a penalty to the RCT.

Successful penalty for Toulon (60th)

Foul by Pélissié which offers a penalty to Carbonel. The Toulon striker, full axis, does not tremble and passes the ball between the posts.

Big opportunity for Toulon! (58th)

The RCT rushes to the attack but a forward is committed and prevents the action from going to its end on the left side.

Penalty missed by Carbonel (57th)

Bamba does not release the ball and the Lyonnais are penalized but Carbonel sends his attempt to the post. Still 13-10 for Toulon.

Changes for Toulon (57th)

The whole first line is changed on the RCT side. Etrillard, Gros and Gigashvili give way to Sosene-Feagai, Fresia and Brookes.

Penalty missed by Berdeu

The Lyon striker misses and sends his penalty too far to the left of the poles.

Penalty for Lyon (54th)

Du Preez is penalized for going over the ruck.

Change for Lyon (53rd)

Jérôme Roy replaces Sébastien Taofifenua.

Victorious penalty for Carbonel (51st)

Romain Taofifenua is not on his support and the referee awards a penalty in favor of the RCT, which Carbonel is responsible for. The ball passes between the poles and Toulon regains the advantage.

A wasted opportunity for Toulon! (49th)

Very nice number of Isa full axis. The ball is then dismissed towards Villière by Heriteau but Pélissié covers well and intercepts.

Change for Toulon (47th)

Belleau gives way to Carbonel.

Good touch found by Pélissié (46th)

The kick from the Lyon scrum half offers a good touch to his team in Toulon’s 22 meters.

Berdeu transforms (43rd)

The Lyon opener takes care of the transformation from a complicated angle. It passes and Lyon equalizes!


Nice breakthrough of Arnold full axis. The ball is then shifted to the left wing with Barassi who manages to pass his arms to shift Veredamu who flattens in the in-goal.

It’s back to Toulon!

The RCT kicks off the second act.

Half-time in Toulon

The RCT takes the lead at the break (10-3) at the end of a rather closed but very intense first act. Both teams struggled to hold onto the ball and find space on the wings. The RCT, initially dominated, knew how to rebalance the debates and scored on a good action concluded by Duncan Paia’aua.

Successful transformation by Belleau (39th)

Off center on the right, the opener of the RCT transforms the try without difficulty.


Isa recovers the ball on a candle and the action is triggered on the right side with Wainiqolo taking the space before serving Luc. The rear of the RCT then transmits to Paia’aua who only has to rush towards the in-goal.

Forward Lyon (35th)

Nice action from Toulon with Serin who managed a chistera to pass on to Villière on the left. The ball is finally lost but the referee returns to a forward committed by the LOU.

It goes for Leo Berdeu (33rd)

Lyon equalizer with Leo Berdeu who succeeds his penalty.

Penalty for Lyon (32nd)

Bad news in sight for Bastareaud (30th)

Canal + indicates that the Lyon doctors suspect a rupture of the cruciate ligament for Mathieu Bastareaud.

It goes for Belleau (30th)

THEopener of the RCT passes the ball between the poles and opens the scoring for Toulon.

The Lyonnais penalized (28th)

The LOU is sanctioned with a forward

Tuisova does not find the touch (26th)

The Fijian winger tries to find the touch with a play on the foot on the left side but Aymeric Luc recovers the ball and sets out again against.

Tuisova fails to control (24th)

Good kicking play on the right side but Tuisova misses control of the ball and commits a forward. Melee introduction RCT to follow.

Succession of missed opportunities! (21st)

The Toulonnais launched the attack with Wainiqolo who tried to extend the foot on the right wing. Rebbadj throws himself in to keep the ball in favor of his team. Finally the Var lost him and the LOU went against with Cretin who made a good breakthrough. But the Toulon defense is replacing well and recovers possession.

Penalty for Lyon (18th)

Good defense of the LOU which resists well to the Toulon pack which is finally at fault.

Melee introduction Toulon to follow (16th)

Dylan Cretin makes a forward attempting to contest the touch. Melee introduction RCT to follow.

Situation for Toulon (15th)

Beautiful breakthrough of Aymeric Luc full axis. The ball is then discarded on the left wing with Paia’aua kicking along the touchline. But Berdeu covers well and concedes the touch.

Penalty for Toulon (12th)

The RCT gets the ball first through Isa. But the Var immediately lost him. Fortunately for them, Gigashvili manages to scratch the oval and recovers a penalty at the same time.

The RCT is doing it (10th)

Thanks to the power of Georgian pillar Gigashvili, RCT manages to keep Lyon away from the in-goal. Baptiste Serin then clears the foot.

Great opportunity for the Lyonnais (9th)

Good interception from Dylan Cretin on the left wing. The action unfolds and the ball reaches Veredamu who collapses just in front of the try line. The referee calls a penalty for Toulon.

Good ball catch from Berdeu (7th)

The Lyon opener perfectly seizes the ball after a good candle and the Lyonnais try to play kicking on the left wing but Wainiqolo is watching.

Penalty for Toulon (6th)

Jordan Taufua is flagged for offside.

Mathieu Bastareaud remains on the ground (5th)

The third line from Lyon writhes in pain and seems to have injured his knee after an attempted breakthrough. Big blow for the former international who had just returned from injury. He must be evacuated on a stretcher.

Bad pass from Julien Heriteau (4th)

The 3/4 wants to alert Wainiqolo on the right side but the ball passes in the back of the Toulon winger and goes into touch for Lyon.

Countered Canary (2nd)

The RCT scrum-half wants to kick in his camp but is countered.

Let’s go to Mayol!

The match referee kicks off the match! It is the Lyonnais who hire.

The last RCT at kick-off

After the results of the afternoon, the Var occupy the last place of the Top 14 and the situation is still as critical in the harbor. Franck Azéma’s men remain on a heavy defeat in Clermont (31-16) and have won only 2 of their last 7 games.

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The composition of Lyon

The French internationals Romain Taofifenua and Dylan Cretin are present in the starting XV. Mathieu Bastareaud wears the captain’s armband while Jonathan Pélissié and Léo Berdeu will form the hinge.

The composition of the RCT

The Var are still deprived of their two South African stars, Eben Etzebeth and Cheslin Kolbe. Baptiste Serin and Anthony Belleau form the hinge while the usual captain Swan Rebbadj, in the absence of Charles Ollivon, is present in the second row.

Hello everyone !

Welcome to this live to follow this match of the 11th day of Top 14 between Rugby club Toulon and Lyon.


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