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“Louloute”: before its theatrical release, Hubert Viel’s film with Laure Calamy toured screenings in Normandy

“Louloute” is Louise, 10 years old, who grew up on a farm in Normandy at the end of the 80s. A film shot in the homeland of director Hubert Viel. A screening tour called “Louloute Normandie Tour” is being organized in the region before the theatrical release on August 18th.

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A farm in Rots, in Calvados, transformed into an open-air cinema room for an evening. To the delight of the public who have come to discover Louloute, a 100% Norman film. We follow the evolution of Louise, played by the young Alice Henri. This farmer’s daughter has to deal with her inner turmoil and her passage into adolescence at the same time as she watches her parents crumble under problems, over-indebtedness, the fall in the price of milk and the market economy which shakes the world. peasant world.

The film "Louloute" previewed in Normandy

This film, shot in the homeland of director Hubert Viel, is both a film about the region and the problems encountered by the peasant world as much as it is centered on the character of Louise, nicknamed Louloute. At his side, we find Laure Calamy in the role of his mother and Bruno Clairefond in that of his father. “It’s a film about worry, about when you’re no longer a baby” explains Hubert Viel, who was present at the screening. “Things are happening, we start to listen at the doors, to listen to our parents and we feel that we are going to take reality in the face “.

Traveling through Normandy before a theatrical release across France on August 18, the idea was supported by the distributor, Tandem Films, who organized this Louloute Normandy Tour. “This film is a tribute to the years that Hubert Viel spent in Normandy” says Mirama Rakotozaky, of Tandem Films. “As a distributor, we wanted to pay tribute to this region, and that is why we are going to meet the Normans”. Screenings all over the region during this very special summer, where the resumption of cultural life is not quite what we hoped for. But the first spectators, met during the screening in Rots, appreciated the moment and the film!

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