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“Lovers of good meat! Nana, an exceptional cow ”

It’s an advertisement, let’s say, a bit disturbing, that I just discovered in a newspaper. We see the photo of a magnificent cow, placid and majestic, with a beautiful brown dress, surrounded by five gentlemen, one of whom is stroking her cheek while another has his hand resting on her buttock. As for the text accompanying this photo, here it is: “Lovers of good meat! Nana, an exceptional cow, bought at the Concours National Limousin-Limoges 2021 sale, on sale from October 16 ». (Following are the names of two butchers where you can buy pieces of Nana to taste them).

Well, I’m not a complete idiot. I’m a big boy, I know steaks don’t grow on trees. As a child, I lived right next to a slaughterhouse, which is to say if I was quickly freed. As for the cows, it happened to me to keep those of my cousins ​​(to keep being, in this case, a very big word…) But there, frankly, it is a little rough. To stage Nana in this way, to have her pose in majesty, like a star, as a “Exceptional cow”, just before sending her to be stunned for the account and invite us to find her on the stalls of those who caress her cheek and buttock… Sorry, I’m having trouble. We want to petition, to demonstrate. Save Nana! Spare Nana! Let it graze in peace in the meadows of Limousin! Alas, it’s too late: Nana is no longer of this world. Goodbye, Nana.


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