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“Luca”, the new Pixar that smells of Italy, holidays and tolerance

Second Pixar feature sacrificed after Drunk, Luca will also have been deprived of cinema by the health crisis. He had yet planned to shine on the box office like any animated film that comes out before the summer holidays, but it is on Disney + that it will be necessary to connect to travel to Italy.

The action is located in Porto Rosso, a small town on the Italian Riviera directly inspired by the five villages of the Cinque Terre. There are the famous colorful houses, small fishing ports and their typical boats, trattorias and Vespas. An ideal setting to tell the story of young Luca, a “sea monster” more punk than scary, who lives with his parents, paralyzed at the idea that he is approaching the coast. It must be said that these creatures whose legend haunts the surroundings have been hunted by men for generations.

The young boy lives a shepherd’s existence, leading a horde of dull and boring sheepfish. His daily routine is turned upside down when objects belonging to men fall to the bottom of the sea. Curious, he begins to observe them and crosses paths with Alberto, another young sea monster who will of course attract him to dry land. And there, surprise: the two boys take a human form out of the water, ready to explore the terrestrial world, still unknown to Luca.

The adventures of the two friends will lead them to discover civilization and meet Giulia, a little girl who is ready to do anything to win the traditional village race that she retries every summer. And the trio works wonderfully: sometimes funny, sometimes touching, the three mischievous children get to know each other and come to terms with their differences to take up the challenge they have set for themselves. All do not dream of the same thing but find themselves in a need for freedom which constitutes the guiding principle of the film.

Beyond a scenario without much surprise, it is the sunny immersion which breathes Italy, the sea and the holidays which seduces during 1h40. And that immediately makes you want to book a one-way ticket to La Spezia, whether to sunbathe there (we note the many plans deliberately overexposed) or to enjoy a good dish of pasta with pesto, one of the specialties. local. It must be said that the Italian director Enrico Casarosa (nominated for the Oscar for best short film in 2011 for The Luna) knows what he’s talking about. This big fan of the Japanese animation master Hayao Miyazaki even worked particularly on the realism of the dishes, drawing directly on the visuals of the dishes from films like Ponyo on the cliff.

With Luca, he tells part of his personal story, since he was born on the Italian Riviera, and signs a story of friendship, between modernity and open-mindedness. Because beyond a few clichés a little too present (a collection of Italian first names even for unimportant characters, “Santa Mozzarella!” a little heavy …), this new nugget signed Pixar offers above all a very nice message of tolerance, acceptance of the other, beyond appearance and beliefs.

“Luca”, a film directed by Enrico Casarosa, with the voices of Aloïs Le Labourier Tiêu, Matt Mouredon. 1h40. Exclusively on Disney +

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