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Lyon-Sparta Prague: two members of the “Daltons” on the lawn of the Groupama Stadium

Two of the members of the “Daltons”, a group of rappers dressed in yellow and black, invaded the lawn of Groupama Stadium on Thursday.

The “Daltons” never stop making people talk about them in Lyon. This Thursday, this collective of rappers struck again. Two of the members of the group succeeded in entering the field during the Lyon-Sparta Prague meeting (3-0) at Groupama Stadium. After entering the lawn, the two Daltons were whistled by the Lyon public, before being arrested by the security service. Due to this intrusion on the green rectangle, Olympique Lyonnais is under threat of sanctions from UEFA.

As the name suggests, the “Daltons” are dressed in a prisoner’s outfit with yellow and black stripes. Known for their wild rodeos in the streets of Lyon, the collective had promised to strike a blow after the arrest of one of their members and the seizure of two motorcycles. After the meeting, images were posted on the collective’s Instagram account. Like the permanent opposition between Lucky Luke and the “Daltons”, this group conveys real adversity towards the police. In their rap clips, the “Daltons” target the police and praise drug trafficking.

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