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Macron and Ruffin meet again, Ciotti believes in it, the RN in search of an audit … Behind the scenes of the presidential election

This November 22, the Romulus and Remus of Amiens met once again. President Emmanuel Macron and “rebellious” deputy François Ruffin both grew up in the Picardy city at a time of deindustrialisation. But they did not derive the same policy from it. For his third visit to the Whirlpool factory, the Head of State could only note the failure of the resumption of activity promised during his campaign of 2017. Having a coffee with former employees, Macron has recognized a failure. “He said that we had collectively been fooled, that’s wrong, he was fooled. He could do a lot better on the Whirlpool file ”, hammered Ruffin who was waiting for him at the exit. In Amiens, the almost candidate president also met striking midwives. And this time, it was Ruffin who was a little disappointed: the strikers came out exhilarated by their meeting with a president on trial. “Listening”. But they won’t just talk and wait ” acts “…

  • What becomes of Guillaume Peltier?

The former number 2 of the Republicans has sulked since Christian Jacob demoted him in the party’s organization chart, after his praise of Robert Ménard. “Apart from his Facebook posts with his dog by the fireplace, I haven’t heard from him”, quips a great mayor LR. Peltier also sulks Xavier Bertrand, to whom he had nevertheless displayed enthusiastic support. He reproaches him, his entourage tells us, a “Rupture of coherence” d

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