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Macron wants to integrate the right to abortion and the environment in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU

Emmanuel Macron puts on his clothes as President of the Council of the European Union. The Head of State is traveling this Wednesday, January 19 in Strasbourg, where he spoke to MEPs shortly before noon, less than three months from the end of his term.

Macron, future president of the European Union… campaigning for the French presidency

Introducing his speech, the Head of State welcomed “a Europe built on a model unique in the world of balance between freedom, solidarity, tradition and progress. This unprecedented construction for 70 years has put an end to the incessant civil wars of our continent”. “This Europe held the helm firmly during the pandemic, whether it was about vaccines or economic recovery”, he continued.

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European construction is based on three promises, according to Emmanuel Macron: democracy “, the “progress shared by all” and ” the peace “. “The current shake-up is upsetting these three promises, so they must be refounded”, he argues. During his speech, he made several announcements. Here are the main points to remember:

  • Progress on the right to abortion

“I want us to consolidate our values ​​as Europeans”, in “updating the charter of fundamental rights”, said Emmanuel Macron, “especially on the protection of the environment or the recognition of the right to abortion”.

The day before the speech of the President of the Republic, Roberta Metsola, criticized for her anti-abortion position, was elected to head the European Parliament.

10 things to know about Roberta Metsola, new President of the European Parliament

  • Law against deforestation

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Emmanuel Macron also made some announcements regarding the fight against global warming. He hoped for a “carbon border adjustment” and the adoption of the “first law in the world against imported deforestation”. He also announced the holding of a summit for the oceans.

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