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Major astronomical events in 2021

Thursday, December 31, 2020, 08:15 AM (GMT + 7)

Twice lunar eclipses, many beautiful meteor showers, and super moons are the remarkable astronomical events of the year 2021.

Total lunar eclipse

The total lunar eclipse, which occurred on May 26, 2021, is considered the most notable astronomical event of 2021. This lunar eclipse can be observed in a large area across the Pacific, eastern part. of Asia, Japan, Australia and the West of North America. In Vietnam, the partial and semi-dark phase can be monitored just before the phenomenon ends, only part of the South can observe the full phase.

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon goes completely into the shadow of the Earth causing it to turn dark red, so many people call it a “blood moon” phenomenon. In the partial phase that Vietnam can observe, the Moon will turn a light red color.

The total lunar eclipse of May 26 is the most anticipated astronomical event in 2021. In the photo is the longest total lunar eclipse of the century that occurred on the night of February 27, 2018. Photo: Guardian

Lunar eclipse part

A partial lunar eclipse occurred on November 19. Vietnam can observe this phenomenon but the coverage rate is much lower than the events of May 26.

Super moon

The year 2021 recorded two supermoons – the moon is brighter and bigger when viewed from the Earth. The first time happened on May 26, coinciding with the time of a total lunar eclipse. So this will be a very interesting astronomical event of the year. The second supermoon happened on June 25, the full moon day of the fifth lunar month.

Meteor shower

On the night of January 2 and January 3, astronomers can admire the Quadrantids meteor shower – an above average meteor shower with a maximum weekly frequency of up to 40 meteors per hour. The Quadrantids meteor shower is derived from the dust particles left over by a defunct comet 2003 EH1, discovered in 2003. The Quadrantids meteor shower usually occurs from January 1-5 each year, peak on the night of January 2 and the morning of January 3

After the Quadrantids, there will be nine more meteor showers in 2021. Most notably the Perseids and the Geminids – the two most beautiful meteor showers of the year.

Major astronomical events in 2021 - 3

Many beautiful meteor showers will take place in the year 2021

The Perseids meteor shower takes place from July 17 to August 24 each year, reaching its maximum on the night of August 12 and the morning of August 13 with a frequency of up to 60-80 meteor trails per hour. Originating from the remnants of comet Swift-Tutle discovered in 1862, the Perseids meteor shower is famous for its many beautiful bright meteors.

The Geminids meteor shower is derived from dust residues left behind by the asteroid 3200 Phaethon, discovered in 1982. This meteor shower takes place every year from December 7-17, peaking on the night of December 13. morning 14 with a frequency of up to 80 meteors per hour.

In 2021, there are also many other notable astronomical events, but Vietnam cannot observe such as a total eclipse of December 4 on the Antarctic peninsula, an annular eclipse taking place on June 10 in North America, Europe and part of Asia.


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