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Make Ayurvedic hand-moisturizer at home to prevent corona

The number of corona infects in the country is steadily increasing. The health department is also advising people to be vigilant. It is necessary to avoid corona where social distance and always keep masks. At the same time, it is being advised to wash and sanitize hands again and again. However, instead of using sanitizer repeatedly, health experts are recommending washing hands with soap.

Because, using sanitizer again and again can make your skin worse. Your skin starts cracking and cracking. In such a situation, the effect of moisturizer also does not last long. Therefore you can use Ayurvedic hand moisturizer. It is quite easy to make this moisturizer at home, it is also more effective.

This home-made moisturizer is not only effective in protecting against the corona virus. Rather, it is also cheaper than the expensive moisturizer found in the market. For this, all you need is one cup mustard oil, one peepal leaf and 2 mango leaves.

Create Ayurvedic hand moisturizer like this: To make this moisturizer, put mustard oil in an iron pan and heat it. When the oil is hot, add peepal leaf and mango leaves to it. Cook the mixture on low heat for about 5 minutes. Then after the oil cools down, filter it and store it in a vessel.

Mustard oil is effective in keeping hands soft. If you use this moisturizer then your hands will remain soft even after using soap many times.

Avoid Corona: Mustard oil, peepal and mango leaves have many anti-bacterial properties. It retains the moisture in the hands, eliminating the bacteria present on the skin. In this case, always use this moisturizer after washing hands with soap. Apart from this, you can massage this moisturizer on your entire body even before sleeping at night.

It is also helpful in improving the skin. It also keeps the skin soft. However, keep in mind that do not go out in the sun after applying this moisturizer. Because, it can darken your complexion.

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