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Make greeting cards to your loved ones to wish Happy New Year, learn how to make

Happy New Year 2021 Handmade Greetings Card Design Making Ideas: Tomorrow, from January 1, the year 2021 will begin. Everyone is excited about the new start. Keeping the memories of last year’s sour-sweet memories, love-wrangles, successes and failures, the move towards the new year with new hopes is a sign of positivity. To make this special occasion even more special, people present greeting cards to their near and dear ones. His craze is not finished even today, because the words written in it are the person’s own expressions. To show love, persuade or apologize for someone, through the card you can convey your point to others. Especially children like to give greeting cards to their parents, family and friends on every occasion.

Greeting cards are available in the market, but now online cards are also very trend. However, even today, the issue of hand-made cards is something else. In such a situation, if you also want to prepare a handmade card for your special someone, then you can make these tips keeping in mind –

What will be needed:
Color paper
Sketch pen
Designer paper cutter
Round lid
Double sided tape
Needle to make design

How to make card: First take white colored paper and fold it from the center. Now make a mark with a distance of 4 centimeters on both sides with the help of a scale. Then from there draw a long line of 5 centimeters. Now cut with scissors till the last part of this part and fold it backwards. Then cut it again by measuring 3 centimeters in width and 2.5 in length from that slit place and repeat the same process.

Now leaving 2 centimeters in width then 1.6 cm. Tick ​​on Make the same mark on the other side. Length 2.5 cm Just 2 cm apart. Ranging from 1.6 cm. Cut the portion on both sides. After this, open the inside and write Happy New Year in bold letters. Cut the black and pink paper for the bottom and paste it with fevicol as per the top down design. You can make borders with their contrast color.

With the help of the video given here, you will be able to make a better card, that too in a few moments.

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