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Make this hair mask at home effective in making curly hair soft and shiny

Taking care of curly hair is not an easy task. Compared to straight hair, there is a lot of difficulty in making curly or curly hair hairstyle and covering them. Women with curly hair use expensive hair care products to make their hair soft. However, curly hair can also be made soft and shiny through home remedies.

The special thing is that these hair masks made in the house do not harm the hair in any way. Also, there is no chemical of any kind in them.

-Aloe vera gels and coconut oil: Aloe vera gels are effective in making hair strong and healthy. At the same time, coconut oil works to make the hair soft. To make a hair mask with aloe vera gel and coconut oil, mix five teaspoons of coconut oil in half a cup of aloe vera gel. Then apply this mixture from roots to tip in your hair. Regularly using this mixture makes your curly hair soft and strong.

-Sabudana and yogurt: The starch present in sago is effective in enhancing the shine of hair. So the curd gives the necessary nutrients to the hair. For this, make four spoons of sago powder and cook it on gas for some time. Then add two teaspoons of curd and three teaspoons of aloe vera gels and mix it well. Now apply this mixture well in your hair. Wash the hair with normal water after leaving it like this for about an hour.

– Shahid and Banana: Banana is very beneficial in making hair shiny and strong. For this, take bananas according to the length of your hair and cut them. Then add a little honey and add about four teaspoons of sago powder.

However, do not forget to soak the sago in water for a while before adding it to this mixture. Then massage this mixture well by applying it to your hair. Keep in mind that there is no oil in the hair. This makes your hair strong and soft. In addition, this hair mask also provides essential nutrition to the hair.

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