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Make what kids eat

Manas Manohar

Children are very picky when it comes to eating and drinking. Especially in the case of vegetables, it is difficult to understand their choice. If the same vegetables are put in the things made in the market, then we will eat it, but will not eat it at home. So why not make something at home, which they like in the market and they can get the nutrients they get from vegetables.

funny momo
Momo means a kind of steamed samosa. The difference is that samosas usually have potatoes and momos have vegetables. Also the red chilli chutney served with it adds a bit more charm. So why not make momos at home. It is not a special work of art to make it. Just understand how to prepare its filling, then you can make it instantly anytime.

First of all, about the filling of momos. Usually, cabbage is used in this, but we will not use it at all. To prepare its filling, take a carrot, some beans, red and green capsicum, a green onion and small broccoli. After washing them all thoroughly, cut them into very fine pieces, you can also grate them or you can cut them finely by putting them in a chopper.

Now heat two to three spoons of oil in a pan. Lightly fry the garlic and ginger paste and finely chopped green chilies and then add the chopped vegetables and fry for three to four minutes while stirring on high flame. Add required salt, half a teaspoon red chili powder and a lid white vinegar i.e. vinegar and turn off the flame and mix all the things well. Now let the vegetables cool down.

Now prepare the dough for it. Marketers use all purpose flour for momos, but you should take half all purpose flour and half wheat flour used for daily roti. Add half a teaspoon of salt and knead a lightly stiff dough by adding water little by little.

Take small balls from it and roll out thin roti, cut it into two parts and put vegetable filling in each part, if you want, then close it in the shape of momo or close it by pressing it in the gujiya mould. Similarly prepare all the momos.

Now heat water in a steamer or idli maker. Put all the momos in a mesh tray or any other vessel and keep it to cook in steam. In about fifteen minutes momos will be cooked and ready. After that turn off the flame.

Leave the lid of the steamer closed. Till then prepare the chutney to be served with it. It is usually served with a stew of boiled water with red chili sauce and green onions, garlic, ginger and vinegar. Red Chilli Chutney is very easy to make.

For this, take eight to ten red chilies. Break or rip them and take out their seeds. Then boil them with garlic and ginger in water till they become soft. Then take them out and add some salt and grind them to prepare chutney. Similarly, the daily used chutney of coriander, mint, garlic, green chilli, ginger and tomato also tastes fun with it. Feed the kids homemade momos, eat them yourself and stay away from the menace of harmful market made momos.

Spinach Saddle Bread
Kathi Roll is one such dish, which is very much liked by the kids. Although there are many types of rolls, but the method of making all is the same, only the ingredients used in it are different. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Bread is a common commodity among all.

Kathi rolls are made by stuffing vegetables in roti. Most of the breads available in the market are made from pre-made bread. But if you make it at home, then use wheat flour in it. Do some experimentation in this roti too.

Take a bunch of spinach in a handful. Sort it and wash it well three to four times and then put it in the mixer and grind it. Put this ground spinach in the flour and knead it. In this way, the children who shrink their nose and brows by eating it as a vegetable, they will not shrink and the color of the roll will also become attractive. You will get the nutrients of spinach.

Now cut and prepare the vegetables for filling in the rolls. For this, carrots, beans, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, capsicum, baby corn and paneer can be taken. Wash the vegetables thoroughly and cut them thinly. Then heat two spoons of edible oil in a pan. Add cumin seeds to it and sprinkle all the vegetables together.

Keep the flame high. Now add required salt, crushed red chili and 3-4 teaspoon chili tomato sauce and mix it well and then turn off the flame. Vegetables should not be cooked for a long time. They have to maintain their integrity.

Now heat the tawa and roll out thin and big sized roti by taking a dough from the dough on it. After baking the roti from one side, flip it and then spread it in the middle by taking the required vegetable from the cooked vegetable and let the roti sink well from the other side. Then fold it lightly from both the sides so that there is no fear of the vegetable falling out. Then hold the remaining part from one side and make a roll by wrapping the vegetable in the roti.

Close the open side of the roti by inserting a toothpick in the middle and serve hot to eat. Is this a nutritious breakfast for children and adults too? Make it on a holiday and eat it occasionally.

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