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Make your own ‘Hollywood movie’ to sell used cars

AmericaThe owner of the 2010 Ford Focus spent a month with friends producing nearly 2-minute videos to sell the car.

Video: John Thomas Goerke

John Goerke tried to sell the 2010 Ford Focus SE by creating a product promoting the Hollywood blockbuster, specifically the 007-like style.

The story of a man who spent a long hard night and is reborn behind the wheel of a Ford. The old car drove out of a town and stopped on a deserted country road. Goerke steps down, with a bow at the collar of his shirt, with comments and car prices appearing: $ 5,999 for the 2010 Focus.

Goerke has owned the Focus for 3 years and now wants to sell it to buy a new car – the goal to strive after having two children. The car has run 193,121 km, but the owner says the maintenance is good with regular oil changes. Vehicles using 2-liter engine, 4-cylinder, 140 horsepower capacity and front-wheel drive. It is not clear whether anyone asked to buy back the car or not.

America – England (according to the Motor1)


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