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Malaika Arora keeps herself fit through this yoga even at the age of 48, shared video

Fitness Tips: Apart from exercising, Malaika also does aerobic dance, Bharatanatyam, kick boxing, Russian ballet and hip-hop.

Even though many people do not have time, they take out some time to keep themselves fit. For such people, fitness is their priority. Whenever there is talk of fitness, the name of the celebs comes on the tongue. One of these people is; Film star Malaika Arora.

There is a saying that fits perfectly on Bollywood actress Malaika Arora, that is that age has no effect on some people. Malaika has always been a part of limelight in terms of fashion and beauty. She has given many famous and superhit item numbers in Bollywood. Actress Malaika Arora is known for her great style and attractive figure.

It is every girl’s dream today to have a toned figure like Malaika, ruling the hearts of the youth. Malaika, 48, not only does dangerous workouts in the gym from yoga, but also follows strict dieting. Recently, he has shared a video while doing yoga on his Instagram account. If you also want to get fitness like Malaika, then these tips can prove to be effective for you.

Bollywood actress, model and dancer Malaika Arora recently practiced a yoga asana that not only increases immunity and functionality but also improves blood circulation in the brain. Increases memory power, concentration, enthusiasm, energy, fearlessness, confidence and patience. The name of this yoga posture is Salamba Shirshasan or Headstand. This asana regulates the secretion of fopituitary and pineal glands.

Apart from this, a few days ago, Malaika Arora posted a video on her social media account practicing a yoga posture which is not only beneficial for weight loss but also improves body posture. Let us tell you that this yoga posture is known as Natarajan posture or Natarajasana.

According to Malaika Arora, the practice of Natarajasan leads to stretching of the whole body. It can also prove to be very helpful in increasing easy focus and concentration. Let us tell you that the metabolism of the body can increase by the practice of this yogasana, and for those who adopt yoga for weight loss, Natarajasan is a good option.


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