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Malaika Arora shared the video and told how to reduce belly fat, know

Due to lack of physical activity and poor diet, today most people are struggling with the problem of belly fat. Belly fat increases the risk of heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure and high uric acid. According to health experts, reducing belly fat is the most difficult task. Recently, Bollywood actress Malaika Arora has shared a video from her Instagram account. In which the actress is seen telling how to reduce belly fat.

Bollywood Actress Malaika Arora her fitness She gives a lot of inspiration to lakhs and crores of youth. He has 12.9 million followers on Instagram. She is often seen sharing her yoga and exercise videos with fans. You too can reduce your belly fat through the tricks mentioned by the actress.

Sharing this video, actress Malaika Arora wrote, “Exercises that you can do comfortably at home. Join 5 Days Live ‘Lose Belly Fat’ and get rid of stubborn belly fat.” Malaika Arora is seen doing yoga in this video. The video has got more than 95 thousand views so far.

in video Malaika The feet are seen doing downward-facing shavasana. She stays in this posture for a few seconds and then brings her legs back near the chest. During this, his body is in a plank position. She repeats this asana over and over again.

Tight to reduce belly fat: To reduce belly fat, along with workouts, you should also eat fiber-rich food. In such a situation, you can include grains, fruits, vegetables and berries etc. in your diet.

To reduce fat, one should completely stay away from things like junk food, sugar, white rice and desserts. Along with this, the body should always be kept hydrated. For this, drink water continuously from time to time.

To remove belly fat, one should completely stay away from alcohol. Because it also increases the risk of liver damage.


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