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Malaika Arora takes care of her skin through these 3 yogasanas, see video

We all aspire to glowing skin, for which we use all skincare products. But in the meantime we forget that to make the skin really healthy and beautiful, we need to pay attention to diet and workout. Yoga plays an important role in it because it gives relief to our body as well as the mind and enhances the skin. 47-year-old actress Malaika also resorts to yoga to keep her skin healthy and glowing.

Recently, she shared a video on her Instagram account in which she is seen doing 3 different yogasanas. He shared this video and wrote, ‘We need to keep our body hydrated so that we can stay away from heat and keep the body healthy.’

Malaika further wrote, ‘Meanwhile, while we are drinking plenty of water, I am sharing 3 yogasanas with you, with the help of which I keep my skin healthy. These asanas can be effective for cleansing blood and healthy glowing skin. ‘

The three yogasanas shared by Malaika are Sarvangasana, Halasana and Trigonasana. Explaining their merits, he wrote, ‘Sarvangasana helps in the circulation of blood towards our face. It improves the texture of our skin and makes it glow. This also strengthens our shoulders and back. ‘

About Halasana, Malaika Arora wrote, ‘By this Yogasan our mental tension is reduced and the mind is relaxed. It also cures our digestive system. All these have a magical effect on our skin. ‘

Regarding the trigonasana, Malaika informed, ‘It helps to open our chests and shoulders. When our chest opens, fresh air is applied to the skin. Our skin benefits from this as well as by doing it daily, our arms, legs and thighs are beautiful. ‘


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