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‘Many luxury drivers are very eye-catching’

One of the causes of traffic congestion is “road robbery” vehicles, many of which are luxury cars.

Lately, I have seen many drivers who have the habit of “luxury car, good” but go on the road in spite of everything. Every day, I go to work on Mai Chi Tho Street, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, often have to pass through rich and emerging areas, so I encounter many “scandalous, thorny” scenes of the brothers and sisters riding the luxury car.

The day before, when I was about to get on the bridge, a Lexus from the side road cut off the car with a speed of no less than 60 km / h climbed straight up the bridge and forced the front of my car to almost rush over the eel.

Another day I passed the green light of the intersection when a Raptor passed a yellow light (I know it was a yellow light because at that time the green light was on) pulled up at least 80 km / h across the front of the convoy. So to the other end of the road, this car still has a pook to return to the station.

Then just this morning, when I just got out of the Thu Thiem tunnel to turn right down the bridge, a Mercedes went straight to the motorbike road to take advantage of it, and I saw very clearly that the road was still solid line. that is, the car is not allowed to change lanes), and the driver clearly saw me on the right but did not intend to wait but stepped on the gas to push my car down.

In these situations, sometimes I just wish I had enough money, I didn’t need much, just enough to buy a 500kg full of iron “cargo car” to go next to the luxury cars to see their car. yes, whoever cries, who laughs.

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