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Many ways to prevent mice from destroying cars during the epidemic season

Car owners can chase mice with odorants, use rat repellents, and choose a clean, high and airy parking place.

Prolonged social distance, many cars parked for a long time did not move, causing rats to enter the engine compartment. This is a problem that causes many car owners a headache, trying to find ways to chase or kill rats.

The dangers that can be caused when rats get into the engine compartment are creating odors and garbage, especially when mice get into the air conditioning system, even nesting and giving birth. In addition, heavier than mice can bite off the wire, bite through all kinds of solution containers.

Currently, there are many different anti-mice methods shared by car users, below are such measures:

How to make your own way to chase mice from available items

Use high massage hanging into the machine compartment. Photo: Nguyen Le Hoang

Using solutions with strong odors to keep mice away or mucus, viscous mice unable to move are the easiest methods that drivers often apply.

Commonly used smelling substances are massage balm, wind oil, mothballs (camphor), garlic, pineapple, and essential oils. Car owners can soak these solutions in cotton, hang them at some point on the engine compartment, even punch holes in the bottle and hang it up. Meanwhile, python fat, chili powder, and lubricating oil used to sprinkle and apply on the way of rats make it difficult for them to leave.

Some other sanctions use mouse traps, which can be placed in the engine compartment, around the vehicle or under the vehicle.

Another way many people think about is to block the way for rats to reach the car by using trellis, corrugated iron or cloth netting tightly around the car so that rats cannot climb inside.

Anti-mouse net.  Photo: New.163

Anti-mouse net. Photo: New.163

Rats are easy to adapt to the environment, so the use of strong odors actually has different effects. There are drivers who share using a high-hanging massage method in the engine compartment for a month without seeing mice, but other car owners are bored because it’s only been a few days and then “get there again”. Therefore, this way may have to change the odorant continuously to “trick” the mouse.

Many drivers accept the entry of mice into the engine compartment, but use a wire mesh to cover the air-conditioning system’s air intake holes to prevent mice from entering the air conditioner or inside the vehicle.

Using chemicals and tools sold on the market

Many car owners find a solution to buy rat-killing and mouse-repelling solutions that are sold a lot on the market, advertised as both cleaning and repelling mice. However, this solution can affect human and animal health.

A rat repellent is also a kind of tool that drivers are looking for, with the principle of creating sound waves at a frequency that mice can’t stand, so they can’t reach. However, many scientific experts once said that there has been no research showing that sound waves can repel mice, even this frequency can be harmful to human health.

Others regularly clean the engine compartment and use specialized cleaning solutions to limit mice. A clean engine compartment is also a way to limit the access of mice.

Kill rats with natural enemies

For people who have their own houses and cars parked in their yards and garages, many car owners raise dogs and cats – two natural enemies of mice – to get rid of mice. However, dogs and cats can scratch the bodywork. Therefore, chaining dogs and cats near the car is just enough to scare mice and not harm the car’s paint is the way many people apply. However, this is not perfect either. Many drivers said that dogs and cats still “sleep well” when rats are raging, even big mice are not afraid of small cats.

Snakes are also a natural enemy of mice, so some drivers use fake snakes to drop them into the engine compartment hoping to chase mice. In fact, after a few times, the rat may realize it’s not a threat and ignore it.

Raising cats is a way to keep mice away.  Photo: Redd

Raising a cat is a way to keep mice away. Photo: Redd

Above are some common methods chosen by many car owners to get rid of mice. However, all measures have advantages, disadvantages and effectiveness depending on the behavior of the mouse. Therefore, you may have to use many ways to repel mice, and at the same time, you need to be careful when using chemicals and tools that can affect human health, fire and explosion.

Because the hot and humid climate creates favorable conditions for rats to develop, this animal is always a concern of car drivers, especially in winter, when rats find the car compartment as a way to avoid the cold and then bite.

If possible, the driver should preferably find a clean, dry parking area, always keep the engine compartment and interior clean, avoid dropping food, things that are easy to attract mice. Regularly check the car during the epidemic season to prevent mice from nesting.

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