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“Margin Call”, the financial illusion

“Margin Call” has an essential, unique quality: it makes the viewer intelligent. Who has never been lost in the mess of junk bonds, fluctuating markets, illiquid assets or the global macro? However, in “Margin Call”, everything seems obvious. The film takes place in twenty-four hours, within a Lehman Brothers type company. While particularly brutal layoffs took place, one of the junior executives detected an anomaly: the positions committed far exceeded the firm’s own funds. The management, gathered for the night, decides to liquidate its dubious investments at a loss, thus triggering one of the biggest financial crises.

JC Chandor, the director, films men and women confronted with the sole logic of the markets. While one of the characters, that of Kevin Spacey, has moral doubts, the others follow. The avalanche is on… Stifling atmosphere, exceptional actors, absolute tension: the film is by far the most astonishing autopsy on Wall Street. In his own way, JC Chandor rewrites “Capital”. Except that, unlike Marx’s pavement, I understood everything. Well almost.

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Sunday November 28 at 8:40 p.m. on OCS City. American drama by JC Chandor (2011). With Kevin Spacey. 1h47. (In multicast and On demand).

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