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Martin Amis, exclusive interview: “We are not mature enough to write well on sex”

He has the manners of an English lord but the spirit of a very bad boy. To the great happiness of the tabloids, who have continued to vilify him throughout his career, helping to accelerate his exile in the United States. It is true that, on all highly inflammable subjects, Martin Amis has not stopped throwing incendiary bombs: Islam, anti-Semitism, France of collaboration, male domination, the British crown. Nothing is taboo in his eyes, as he shows again in this fascinating, sparkling, bursting fictionalized autobiography.

Many are those who take it for their rank, including Roman Polanski, a man, writes Amis, “So stimulated by rape that only [lui] suitable for children ”. Esteemed colleagues also clink glasses. Graham Greene? “It was pretty clear to me that Greene barely knew how to hold a pen. Its verbal surface is simply tasteless. “ The Clézio? ” The author walks around, [dans “la Guerre”], as an investigator of the planet Krypton (three pages on a department store poster, four on a light bulb). “

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It would be wrong, however, to read this book just for its mood swings. Combining memories and inventions, the book is also a magnificent testimony to the friendship the author had for Saul Bellow, whose last years Martin Amis recounts with modesty and affection, and to the writer Christopher Hitchens – “Hit

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