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Mazda BT-50 2021 transforms in a new design

The Kodo design language reflects the modern and youthful look that Mazda has applied to the all-new generation BT-50 pickup.

In recent years, users have gradually changed the concept of pickup trucks only used to carry goods. In addition to the functional purpose, the automakers have constantly upgraded and optimized the design and equipped with more amenities for this model.

Catching the trend, Mazda has “put a new coat” on the all-new BT-50 pickup, to reflect the modern and youthful look that urban cars often possess. This is the beginning of a new generation of products, which the company expects to break the concept of pickups just for carrying goods.

The BT-50 design is inspired by SUV models, creating consistency across the entire product range of the Japanese automaker. This design language is a turning point, helping the company’s product lines become more eye-catching and flashy, applied on Mazda2, Mazda3, Mazda 6, CX-3, CX-5, CX-8… and The most recent is the Mazda BT-50.

New generation Mazda BT-50 in Vietnam.

Most pickup trucks often carry a sturdy, square appearance in accordance with the inherent functions of cargo trucks. The BT-50 becomes more special thanks to Mazda’s application of a design language, which almost no competitors own. At this stage, Mazda has moved Kodo in the direction of minimalism – “Less is More” true to the spirit of Japanese aesthetics. In particular, light and darkness are the key elements, creating space in the traditional Noh mask theater performances of the Japanese. This inspiration has been incorporated in the design of the Mazda BT-50.

Improving on design and comfort through each generation of development, Mazda has skillfully combined the advantages of a multi-purpose SUV and the carrying capacity of a pickup truck. The exterior of the Mazda BT-50 impresses with the large grille placed high. The large horizontal bars combine with the chrome border cluster to create a three-dimensional block typical of Mazda’s design. Slender lights, stylized cylindrical headlight tubes with LED rims. The lower light cluster integrates turn signals, daytime positioning lights and LED fog lights. All BT-50 versions are available with LED lighting. Tail lights round design.

Mazda BT-50 has a large grille.

Mazda BT-50 has a large grille.

The body of the car stands out with 18-inch alloy wheels, large spokes design. Rearview mirror with turn signal light, chrome border synchronized with door handle, integrated smart lock. The rear bumper has sensors, the reversing camera is arranged on the hand to open the rear lid.

In addition to the design, the lighting system on the all-new BT-50 has a battery protection function. The technology of lights automatically turns on and off, automatic wipers and windshields are capable of preventing infrared rays, as announced by Thaco. The car has the Coming Home Light function, which illuminates the space ahead for 30 seconds after locking the door and turning off the engine.

In the interior, this car is also equipped in the direction of serving individuals and families rather than transporting goods. The company hopes to change the concept that pickup trucks are not only used to carry goods, but also carry all the utilities of urban vehicles. The instrument cluster on the driver’s side is symmetrical, with a 4.2-inch multi-information screen. 9-inch touchscreen entertainment screen, HD resolution with a variety of connectivity ports, Apple CarPlay integration. Sound system with 8 speakers. Dual-zone automatic climate control with pollen filter. 8 way power driver seat direction. Makeup mirror with built-in light. Smart key…

Interior of the new generation Mazda BT-50.

Interior of the new generation Mazda BT-50.

Mazda representatives said that the seats on the BT-50 are applied the most advanced design of the SkyActiv-Vehicle Architecture system, the backrest structure evenly distributes pressure and hugs the body. The car also has a seat belt reminder system for four seating positions.

All four versions of the new generation Mazda BT-50 in Vietnam use a 1.9 diesel engine, with a capacity of 148 horsepower and a pulling power of 350 Nm. 6-speed gearbox, optional automatic or manual. In particular, this automatic transmission has the ability to “learn” according to the driving style, which can help optimize the transmission control according to the owner’s wishes. The chassis system of the new BT-50 is wider, the proportion of tempered steel increased, the hardness increased by 20% compared to the old version. The car’s soundproofing system has also been upgraded.

In addition to basic safety equipment such as ABS, DSC, front / rear parking sensors, HDC downhill assist, 7 airbags, reversing camera… the new BT-50 also has BSM blind spot warning with sensors rear radar and reverse cross-traffic alert system RCTA. The brake system is upgraded compared to the previous version.

The selling prices of four new generation Mazda BT-50 versions in Vietnam are as follows:

Version Price
AT Premium 4×4 849
AT Luxury 4×2 789
AT 4×4 709
MT 4×2 659

*Unit: million dong. VAT included.

“The most advanced Premium 4×4 version is for customers who need to experience technology. The Luxury 4×2 version is aimed at customers who appreciate comfort and safety. The AT version is suitable for customers with a full family. comfortable enough like a tourist car. For service customers, the MT version is a reasonable choice”, a Thaco representative shared.

Currently, Thaco is applying a preferential program of VND 20 million for the first customers to own the all-new Mazda BT-50. The company also applies a car loan program, users need to pay from 132 million VND in advance to receive the car (excluding taxes and fees, applied by area).

Tuan Vu (Photo: Thaco)


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