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Mazda3 recalled because the logo on the steering wheel may break

AmericaThe Japanese automaker called to repair nearly 261,000 Mazda3s after learning that the plastic logo on the steering wheel could break when the airbag deploys.

The recall order was issued by Mazda and the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for Mazda3 manufactured between 2004-2007. Specifically, 260,915 vehicles are affected, with the phenomenon that the plastic logo on the steering wheel can break in the event of an airbag deploying, leaving sharp pieces of plastic at risk of injury to occupants.

Interior of Mazda3 2005. Photo: Mazda

Vehicle owners affected by the recall will begin receiving notices on August 28. Mazda will replace the new logo for free.

On July 1, Mazda said that the logo may become fragile after a period of use due to inappropriate material properties. The new logo will not contain polyurethane material, so it will not degrade, according to the Japanese company.

Mazda received the first report of someone being injured by broken pieces of plastic in September 2015 and began investigating. The airline received nine additional reports of injuries, including some with eye injuries. Because of that, Mazda faces two lawsuits in the US.

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