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Mazda3 receives incentives up to 95 million VND to create a competitive advantage

Thaco Auto launched a package of incentives and discounts on a series of new Mazda3 versions, the highest reduction of VND 95 million for Sport cars using 2.0 engines, from March 11.

Depending on the specific version, customers who buy a new Mazda3 at this time will receive different preferential packages. Mazda3 sedan gets the highest discount of 75 million dong for the 2.0 Signature Premium version. Version 2.0 Luxury bright interior color reduced 50 million VND. Premium version 1.5 is reduced by 47 million VND, customers will receive an additional one year of material insurance of 8 million VND. The 100th Anniversary Edition comes with a free maintenance package of 3 years or 50,000 km.

Latest generation Mazda3.

Version 2.0 Signature Luxury reduced 30 million VND, to 769 million VND. The price after the preferential price of this version is 40 million VND compared to the 1.5 Luxury version, the buyer will have a 2.0 engine, 18-inch rim, sunroof, DVD player, HUD screen, the feature to expand the steering angle when entering. of the AFS. The rest of the sedans receive incentives from 25-37 million VND.

With Mazda3 Sport, 2.0 engine versions such as Premium and Luxury are applied with the highest discount of up to 95 million dong. This is a version group possessing many amenities and safety technology. The 1.5 engine group gets a discount of up to 45 million VND for the Premium and Luxury versions.

New generation Mazda3 interior.

New generation Mazda3 interior.

Currently, the new Mazda3 is distributed by Thaco Auto, including 10 versions with many different options and prices. This is the only model in the segment in Vietnam equipped with HUD screen, i-Activsense safety support features: cruise control integrated with MRCC radar, SBS intelligent brake support to detect obstacles in front . Mazda3 comes equipped with 7 airbags, including knee airbags for all versions.

When introducing a new version in Vietnam, Mazda3 faced many opinions that Thaco Auto applied a high price compared to the old version. In fact, the new generation model is equipped with many more technologies and features.

Entertainment control knob on the Mazda3.

Entertainment control knob on the Mazda3.

The car has a starting price of 669 million dong, lower than compatriot Toyota Corolla Altis (733 million dong) and Honda Civic (729 million dong).

Tuan Vu
Image: Thaco Auto.


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