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Mazda’s red color in Christmas and New Year – VnExpress

Christmas in the West values ​​red because of the meaning of warmth and happiness. In the Asian concept, the color red also symbolizes luck, fortune and lasting happiness. This is the most popular color during Christmas and New Year.

The representative of Thaco Mazda said that the models with the signature Soul Red Crystal of this company are also more popular every upcoming New Year occasion, the owner often thinks that the red color represents confidence and success in life.

Creating a chain of products with unique Soul Red Crystal colors, the Japanese company sends fashion beauty and hopes to bring the best to its customers. From New Mazda2, All-New Mazda3, New Mazda6 to SUV duo CX-5 and CX-8, the company’s red color represents the spirit of continuity: stand out, unique and not blend in with the crowd.

Soul Red Crystal was first introduced by Mazda in 2016 with 20% more red saturation, 50% more red depth compared to the previous generation. With the new paint, the contrast between the blocks becomes more pronounced, emphasizing the design lines of the vivid Kodo language.

To create a unique red color, Mazda has renewed the entire car painting process with Takuminari technique with the idea of ​​interfering light and form, creating paint with a special depth and quality of reflection. . “To achieve the desired gloss and depth for the Soul Red Crystal color, all paint robots have been precisely programmed to replicate the techniques of the finest craftsmen at Mazda”, said the distributor in Vietnam. “Mazda has replaced the normal color paint with two layers of transparent paint and a reflective layer that absorbs aluminum particles to create a high-grade red paint. Soul Red Crystal is painted 4 layers instead of 3 layers as the universal paint colors. information “.

With the paint line at the Thaco Mazda factory, this distributor applies modern “wet on wet” painting techniques. Primers, colors and gloss are painted continuously, making the painted surface more stretchy and hard. From there, this process helps to reduce the appearance of orange on the surface and more difficult to scratches.

“Creating a unique red Soul Red Crystal with technology and dedication, Mazda wants to bring users an impressive visual experience, before enjoying a smooth and exciting ride”, said the company.

Content: Tuan Vu

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