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Mbappé, the return of the Monsieur Plus of PSG

Back in Montpellier, the Parisian world champion guided his family to the Stade de France.

Essential. This is what Kylian Mbappé has become at Paris Saint-Germain. No wonder, we are talking about a superstar, a player who is called to write the history of world football. And he would be indispensable in any team on the face of the globe. But there is clearly a Paris Saint-Germain with, and a Paris Saint-Germain without the Bondynois. The proof with the performance of the person in Montpellier on Wednesday, in the semi-finals of the Coupe de France (2-2, 5-6 tab). A match largely dominated by Parisians who shone by their clumsiness in front of goal. So much so that they left the door open to Michel Der Zakarian’s players, who responded to Mbappé’s two goals, at the start of each of the two halves, with achievements signed by Gaëtan Laborde and Andy Delort. “We are very happy to go to the final. We wanted to go to the Stade de France to defend our title and we did it, even if I think we should have done it without this penalty shootout, grins Mbappé, on Eurosport. And to add: “In the content, it was a better exit than the previous ones, but we have to kill the match before.”

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The Red and Blue have indeed had multiple opportunities to make the break. They did not do it. And they almost paid dearly, they who were keen to go to the final… This Coupe de France indeed represents their best chance not to end the season empty-handed, knowing that Lille has the cards in hand in Ligue 1 and that the European dream flew away last week, against Manchester City (2-0 defeat). A return match that Mbappé missed due to injury, like the meeting in Rennes (1-1) last Sunday in the league. And we saw the difference on Wednesday at La Mosson. Despite the nine changes made by Mauricio Pochettino, PSG played fair, well, as a team. And with Mbappé to magnify the collective, it is necessarily simpler. Enough to give rise to many regrets about the C1… “I was the first to be disappointed to attend these matches without playing, whether (in Rennes) or (at the Etihad Stadium). But we can be proud of our journey in the Champions League, ”he says.

39 goals in 44 matches

If Mbappé has become so essential to PSG, it is because some are on alternating current, especially in the offensive sector. But also and above all because the ex-Monegasque is a goal machine and it is very complicated to put in place a plan to stop it, even to slow it down. “He has fire in his legs, the ability to score, to dribble, he has a very high level of technical ease”, judge Michel Der Zakarian. The poor Vito Hilton, 43, can attest, he who took dearly on the second goal of the 22-year-old world champion. Mbappé, it’s 39 goals in 44 matches since the start of the season, with a dozen assists as a bonus. But beyond the numbers, he changes the face of Paris-SG when he is on the field, by the depth that he gives to the game and the constant threat that he poses to the opposing defenses. A monster. “The statistics put Kylian in a position of decisive player for the team,” admitted Pochettino before facing the MHSC. It is therefore difficult to do without him… He is an important player in the squad. We are counting on him. We hope to have it for many years to come. ”

To see if Mbappé agrees to extend his contract, which runs until 2022, and therefore to stay in Paris this summer. One thing is certain: when we see him jump into the arms of “Poche” after his second goal, we say to ourselves that the relations between the player and his new coach, in post only since the beginning of the year, are good … And that can not hurt in the prospect of a possible extension. “He’s a special player, he was incredible again,” jubilated the former Paris Saint-Germain captain after the meeting, in front of the cameras.Eurosport.

Leader at heart

Another aspect that makes Kylian Mbappé ever more important in Paris is his leadership, his new ability to lead his partners on the path to success. The “Kid de Bondy” wanted “responsibilities”, as he explained in 2019, he takes them. And this despite his young age, in a team made up of internationals. “I feel good. I try to help my team every time I play and the teammates give it back to me, he emphasizes. They gave me great balloons, I was able to use them well. We continue to be decisive. That’s what matters to me: helping my team and winning titles. Leadership attitude? I want to win. I always wanted to win, but I was a bit more self-centered. Having this desire, this determination, it’s good to share it with others. We all play together. I was also determined before, but more on myself. Helping others is important. I learned that this year. I like to do it because it pays off and we win the matches. ”

“If we lose this championship, we are the ones who lost it, not they who won it”

Kylian Mbappé in Lille

In this case, it will still be necessary to win at least one by the end of the season, the final of the Coupe de France, on May 19, against the surprising amateurs of Rumilly-Vallières (N2) or the AS Monaco. And if possible also those which will oppose the PSG to Reims next Sunday and Brest, the following one, history of having no regrets in the event of misstep of Losc in the championship of France of Ligue 1. “There are still two trophies to go look, we have not yet lost the title of champion, he insists, still on Eurosport. We can only blame ourselves. If we lose this championship, we are the ones who lost it, not them who won it. We will win our matches and we will wait for what will happen. ” Comments that Mbappé made a point of explaining in the wake on social networks: “Lille would make a good champion if they are crowned, but with eight defeats, if we lose the title, we are the only ones responsible.” Remember that the Mastiffs of Christophe Galtier have three points ahead of the capital club in the L1 classification before challenging ASSE and Angers during the last two days.

Summer will be hot for Mbappé

Still, Kylian Mbappé has taken on a new dimension during the season, his fourth on the banks of the Seine, him the hero of Munich (2 goals at the Allianz Arena) and Barcelona (3 goals at the Camp Nou). Didier Deschamps can lick his chops at the idea of ​​counting on him for the Euro (June 11-July 11), while Sylvain Ripoll, coach of the Espoirs, no doubt fantasizes when thinking of repatriating him for the Tokyo Olympics (July 23-August 8). By then, we may know more about his future in a club. At least, that’s what the Parisian leaders hope, they who will base a large part of their decisions of the offseason on that of their number 7. Whatever happens, the summer will be hot for Mbappé. It remains to be seen whether he will advance there as champion of France and / or winner of the Coupe de France, or not …


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