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Mbappé, Weah, Djorkaeff… The dream 11 of players who have passed through Monaco and PSG

40 players wore the colors of AS Monaco and Paris-SG, opponents this Friday (9 p.m.) in Ligue 1, to Louis II. Discover our dream 11.

Goalkeeper: Daniel Bernard
Not much choice for the goalkeeper position of our 11 since only one wore both jerseys: Daniel Bernard. Disappeared last April, at the age of 70, this native of Paris joined a very young PSG in 1977, after having made the heyday of Rennes. The following year, the arrival of the French international Dominique Baratelli pushed him towards the exit, and in this case towards Brest, where he spent six years before making a last freelance in Monaco and hanging up. “He had a busy career,” recalls for The Telegram his former teammate Yvon Le Roux, who can also be found in our selection. He was a hard worker, a rigorous one who did not accept defeat. He wasn’t a big goalie in size, but he made up for it with his liveliness and vista. ” If he could never claim to be international A, Daniel Bernard, called up with all the youth teams, had been called up for a Blues match against Iceland in May 1975 (0-0). He did not come into play, however.

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Defenders: Jimmy Algerino, Yvon Le Roux, José-Karl Pierre-Fanfan, Layvin Kurzawa
Patrice Evra would have had his place in our defense … if he had played pro at PSG, and not only among young people. On the left, it is therefore Layvin Kurzawa, moved from Monaco to Paris for € 25 million five years ago. The 28-year-old French international has played 227 matches in total with both teams (21 goals). To the right, Jimmy algerino, who spent only one year in the Principality (1991-92) before occupying the right flank of the Parisian defense for five long years (1996-2001). The opportunity for him to experience the end of the golden age of Paris, with the Coupe des Coupes final in 1997 and the double in the national cups in 1998, but also darker hours, with notably the 5- defeat. 1 in Sedan in 2000… In the axis, the forecastle José-Karl Pierre-Fanfan, who spent two years in Monaco (2001-03) and two in Paris (2003-05), and a member of the French team, European champion in 1984 while defending the ASM colors, before ending his career with one season at PSG (1989-90). In fact, he did not play after October 4, 1989, handicapped by injuries. And he ended his career in 1990, at age 30.

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Midfielders: Daniel Bravo, Ludovic Giuly, Jérôme Rothen, Youri Djorkaeff
Edouard Cissé, Ali Benarbia, Marcelo Gallardo… Several circles could have deserved their place in our eleven. The most sensitive oblivion is that of Nenê, attractive within the two clubs. In 10, however, we favored Yuri Djorkaeff, winner of the Coupe des coupes in his only season with PSG, in 1995-96, and of the Coupe de France with ASM in 1991, with a top scorer title in L1 as a bonus, in 1994. On the sides, two players who participated in the C1 campaign in Monaco in 2004, Ludovic Giuly right and Jerome Rothen, to the left. The first named took advantage of the collective success of Didier Deschamps’ men, beaten in the final by Porto de Mourinho that year (0-3), to rally Barça. Rothen, he had made the choice of the heart by joining the PSG. Like Djorkaeff, they won titles with both clubs.

To occupy the low point of our middle, a player who was evolving … as a striker in Monaco, but whom Luis Fernandez has repositioned for recovery at PSG: Daniel Bravo. The “Little Prince” won everything and was one of the strong men of PSG in the 90s: the Coupe des coupes (1996), the championship (1994), the Coupe de France (1993, 1995) and the Coupe de la League (1993, 1995). The Niçois also won a Coupe de France with ASM in 1985. It was against… PSG in the final. Finally, it should be noted that the first scorer in the history of Paris Saint-Germain, Bernard Guignedoux, is also one of the players who defended the colors of both clubs. It was an evening in August 1970.

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Forwards: Kylian Mbappé, George Weah
Beautiful people in attack, from Michael Madar to Jérémy Menez, via Omar Da Fonseca, Amara Simba or Bruno Rodriguez. THE big absentee of our eleven is called Marco Simone, author of 32 goals in 78 matches with Paris and 44 goals in 99 matches with ASM. Except that our tandem is indisputable. Revealed in Monaco, Kylian Mbappé was transferred for 180 M €, bonus included, to PSG in 2017. Since then, the prodigy of Bondy has risen to the rank of planetary superstar … Remember that the 21-year-old world champion had largely contributed to the Monegasque coronation in Ligue 1, three years ago, on the nose and the beard … of Paris Saint-Germain. In our dream 11, Mbappé is associated with a certain George weah. The current president of Liberia discovered Europe on the Rock between 1988 and 1992. The time to shake the nets 65 times in 135 matches and to seduce the ambitious Parisian leaders of the time. The latter did not have to regret his coming… 49 goals in 127 matches for “Mister George” in Paris, including seven in ten matches during the 1994-95 campaign in the Champions League. Performances which had earned him a transfer to great Milan in the summer of 1995 and a Golden Ball, after guiding the club from the capital to the semi-finals of C1.

Substitutes : Abdou Diallo, Eric Cubillier – Nenê, Edouard Cissé, Alex Nyarko, Ali Benarbia, – Marco Simone, Michael Madar, Jérémy Menez.


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