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MBBS studies, retire from SBI, learn the story of 64-year-old Jai Kishore Pradhan

Jay Kishore Pradhan Inspiring Story: There is no age to learn, this has been proved by Orissa’s Jai Kishore Pradhan. 64-year-old Jai Kishore, retired from State Bank of India, is enrolled in a medical college at this age. After passing the MBBS entrance exam NEET, he has taken admission in the first year. Please tell that Pradhan lost one of his legs in an accident. Despite this, his will did not diminish. In an interview, Pradhan says that he wants to spend his life in service to the people. Let’s know his inspirational story –

Failure was found on the first try: After retiring, people generally want to live their lives in peace. But Jai Kishore Pradhan decided to do something different and also succeeded in it. Pradhan, who was an officer in SBI, told that even after the twelfth, he had given the medical entrance examination. But after failing at that time, he graduated from physics instead of trying again. After this, in 1983, he started working at State Bank.

Admission received in this college: Last year, the Supreme Court removed the age limit for appearing in the medical entrance examination. After this, he again gave the entrance exam at the behest of his daughters. Pradhan has secured admission in Veer Surendra Sai Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (VIMSAR) by securing better rank in the result. Explain that by the time his MBBS course is completed, he will be 70 years old.

Inspiration from daughters: Since childhood Jai Kishore wanted to become the Principal Doctor, but at that time for the problems of the house, he suppressed his desire and did not try for the second time. Even while working in a bank, he felt like sitting in the exam, but then due to the age limit, he could not sit in the exam. After his retirement on 30th of September in 2016, he inspired his twin daughters to study medical. Both of them also secured seats in dental. However, after the court’s decision, his daughters also asked him to appear in the medical examination.

But one of his daughters died in an accident. Pradhan says that. My daughter was very proud of this achievement because it was her dream to become a doctor.

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