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Meatless canteens: ruckus on the menu

But what is the cause of this heckling of courtyard that nothing seems to calm down? Nothing other than the canteen menu. More precisely that of the schools of the city of Lyon, which decided to put on the map a “Unique menu without meat to be able to serve students more quickly and make meals more fluid”. It did not take more – and even if this measure had already been taken during the deconfinement of spring in the general indifference – for certain elected officials of the capital of gastronomy, relayed by ministers and deputies, to see in the “omelette -spinach ”of the day a crime of starred lese-chef.

→ ANALYSIS. In Lyon, a disproportionate controversy over the single menu in school canteens

On Tuesday again, the Minister of Agriculture described “Shame” lhe meatless menu decreed by the EELV town hall of Lyon… What is at stake in this affair obviously has nothing to do with what there is on the children’s trays and everything to do with the first passes of arms which hint at the coming battles of the presidential campaign. The government and the right are seeking to discredit environmentalists, the only ones able to disturb the game between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, say the Greens. Elected environmentalists show their true face by trying to impose their ideology even in the canteens, believes the opposing camp.

And while the names of birds and the plates fly, we are not talking about product quality, local circuits, organic farming and above all food balance. Because, since the 1990s, the issue of school catering has become a public health issue in the prevention of obesity, which now concerns more than 15% of children. In fact, more and more municipalities have been working hard over the past few years to educate children and provide healthy and balanced meals. With or without meat.


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