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Manas Manohar

Keeping in mind the health in Indian food, the method of preparing dishes and the time of eating them is fixed. There is a scripture for which dish and how to cook it. In Ayurveda, many diseases are controlled by food. Although every plant has medicinal properties in some form, but some plants are mainly used in the form of medicines. Some of them can also be included in regular meals. Some such medicinal dishes.

Guarpatha Halwa
To increase immunity, it was also said to drink juice of Amla, Tulsi, Aloe Vera. To enhance the beauty, women apply its paste. Guarpatha means that the taste of aloe vera is slightly spicy, so not everyone is able to drink its juice. Especially it goes against the taste of children. So why not make cowpea pudding, which will be liked by all. Children and adults, guests can be served to everyone. Making cowpea pudding is not a difficult task.

If anything seems to be the most difficult task in this, it is to extract its pulp. Aloe vera is such a plant, which should be planted anywhere in the house in one or two pots, it spreads in two-three months. It doesn’t even have to be taken care of much. Apart from enhancing the beauty of the house, it will also keep your health in good shape. Cut and use four to six leaves every month. If cowpea is not available at home, its leaves are easily available in the market.

First of all wash the leaves of cowpea. Then cut them into small pieces. Cut off the thorn part from both the sides with a knife. Then divide it into two halves by making an incision from the middle and take out its pulp with the help of a spoon. If you want, grind the green part to make juice or make a paste and apply it like rubbish.

Put its pulp in a mixer and grind it and keep it aside. Measure the amount of pulp. Take other ingredients in the same proportion. If you have taken two cups or bowls of aloe vera pulp, then take the same amount of semolina and a little less sugar. Take a bowl of dry fruits to put in it. Mix almonds, walnuts, raisins, cashews, pistachios, whatever nuts you have and take it equal to a bowl. If there is coconut powder, then they can also take half a bowl.

Now heat two spoons of ghee in a pan. First of all, take out the dry fruits by roasting them for two minutes. Then add semolina to the remaining ghee and cook it on medium flame till it becomes almond in color. If more ghee is needed, you can add. Now add aloe vera pulp to it and mix well while stirring. When the aloe vera gets dry after mixing well with the semolina, add two more spoons of ghee and cook for two more minutes. Then add sugar and mix while stirring.

When the sugar melts, add two to three bowls of water and cook it while stirring well. When the pudding starts to thicken, add crushed dry fruits to it and mix. Now add two more spoons of ghee. Mix well. Halwa is ready. You can put grated almonds on it.
Make and eat it at least once a week and drive away stomach related problems, increase immunity and enhance beauty.

fenugreek vegetable
You are all familiar with the medicinal properties of fenugreek. There are many ways to make fenugreek curry. But first of all, it is necessary to wash the fenugreek seeds and soak them in clean water overnight. Then filter it in the morning and tie it in a cloth and sprout it, then a better result will come. In this way the bitterness of fenugreek is also reduced considerably. Whenever you want to make fenugreek seed curry, try to sprout it. It doesn’t matter if you can’t germinate. Make a vegetable by sprouting fenugreek seeds in a bowl and then eat it for two-three days.

To make vegetable, heat two spoons of ghee in a pan. Add cumin, carom seeds, fennel seeds, two whole red chilies and a pinch of asafoetida to it and sprinkle the fenugreek seeds. Keep the flame medium. Now add quarter teaspoon salt, quarter teaspoon crushed red chili and quarter teaspoon turmeric powder and mix. Add a quarter cup of water and cover the pan with a lid and let it cook.

Until then, cut the jaggery into small pieces in the amount of half a bowl or if you want to take molasses, then you can also take it. When the fenugreek becomes soft after cooking, then add jaggery or khand and mix it well and cover the lid. Let it cook for about five more minutes. Then open the lid and add tsp amchur powder, mix well and switch off the flame. Leave the lid on the pan.

The sour-sweet-spicy vegetable of fenugreek seeds is ready. It can be eaten as a chutney or vegetable with roti, paratha, puri or rice and lentils. Make sure to eat it two-three times in a month, health will be good.

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