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Menopause time is near, so include your diet these things

Menopause, a period of menstruation in women, is called menopause. Women lose their ability to become mothers after menopause. Because, after this condition, the ovary stops expelling the ovary. After which women are unable to become pregnant. Let me tell you, the normal age of menopause in the country is about 45 to 50 years.

Before the time of menopause, women have to face many problems. Due to a change in hormones, women experience a variety of problems including irritability, tiredness, hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, osteoporosis, obesity and diabetes. In such a situation, special attention needs to be paid to your diet at the time of menopause.

Green leafy vegetables: Green-leafy vegetables should be eaten during menopause. It not only nourishes the body, but also cures your mood swings. In such a situation, you can consume spinach, cabbage, fenugreek, mustard greens etc.

-Fiber, protein-rich food: Eating fiber and protein should be included in your diet at the time of menopause. For this, you can include millet, jowar, ragi, whole fruits, milk, curd, paneer, egg and chicken etc. in your food.

-Phytoestrogenic food: Phytoestrogenic elements in the body help in releasing energy. In this case, you can include phytoestrogenic food in your food. For this, you can eat things like flaxseed seeds, sesame, tofu, beans and soybeans.

-Fruits with more water: To eliminate hot flashes in menopause, consuming fruit with more water can prove beneficial. For this, you can include orange, seasonal, grape, watermelon, melon, blueberry, strawberry and coconut water etc. in your diet.

-Sodium and caffeine-rich things: During menopause, you should not consume things containing sodium and caffeine. Because, this can increase your problems. In such a situation, you should avoid eating packaged juice, packed vegetables, sea food, soy sauce, processed food, soft drinks, tea, coffee, chocolate, etc.

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