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Mercedes C-class All-Terrain – wagon going off-road

The wagon version of the C-class 2022 adds off-road driving modes, a fine-tuned bodywork, increased ground clearance and standard all-wheel drive.

The C-class All-Terrain has an increased ground clearance of 40 mm compared to the standard wagon sold in Europe. The steering cam of the front suspension is slightly larger. In particular, the All-Terrain version adds two driving modes: Offroad for difficult terrain and Offroad + with the Downhill Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčRegulation feature to operate on steep roads.

C-class All-Terrain – offroad version of the 2022 wagon. Photo: Mercedes

One option for the adventurous is the digital lighting system, with three additional LEDs on each side of the headlight. When the driver activates one of the off-road driving modes, these lights turn on and illuminate a wider angle of the road ahead for maximum visibility. The system only operates at speeds up to 50 km/h.

The C-class All-Terrain is equipped with a 2-liter, turbo, 4-cylinder petrol engine or a 2-liter, 4-cylinder turbodiesel version. Both incorporate low-level hybrid technology. The appearance design of the wagon model has also been tweaked in the grille, with slim longitudinal spokes and a large horizontal bar with air vents.

A wagon needs a lot of space, so the C-class All-Terrain has a storage capacity of 490 liters and will increase to 1,510 liters if the rear seats fold flat. The rear door opens and closes as standard equipment.

Interior with three color options. Standard equipment includes a 10.25-inch screen or can be selected to a 12.3-inch size. The infotainment system for All-Terrain is a special Offroad display that shows the slope of the road and steering angle, as well as geographic coordinates and a compass.

The C-class All-Terrain will make its debut at the Munich auto show, Germany, in September. Vehicles sold in Europe from the end of this year and will not be available in the US market.

The current generation Mercedes C-class is sold in two versions, sedan and station wagon (also known as wagon or estate). In terms of lighting, the wagon version is similar to the hatchback, developed from the same platform as the sedan, so it usually has the same height and ground clearance, but there are distinctive differences.

The wagon version is usually longer than the hatchback, so interior space is more spacious. Some of the visual features that make it easy to distinguish are the number of glass doors as well as the columns: the hatchback has two pairs of side windows, while the wagon has three, and the hatchback has only three columns, while the wagon has four. The line from the bottom of the roof to the rear of the wagon version is smoother and longer, while in the hatchback, it will be steeper and shorter.

In Vietnam as well as in some other markets, the wagon version is not common, while in the US or Europe, this version is very popular.

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