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Mercedes eActros – electric trucks and a new era

eActros has a worldwide launch schedule on June 30 before production from the end of this year, with two versions of 18 tons and 25 tons.

Positioned by the German automaker as “the first mass-produced electric truck of the three-pointed star brand”, the eActros is the commercial version of the concept that debuted in 2016.

Mercedes says the two versions both “have challenging tasks” during this time by “transporting goods in an electric cooler to supermarkets, serving as a supply vehicle for spare parts”. manufactures, replaces waste containers, and transports fly ash to produce concrete”.

eActros on the test track. Image: Mercedes

eActros also marks an anomaly when customers are involved in the development process. Mercedes says that customer feedback helps it improve the car. The German company believes that drivers will like the electric model because they like “performance as well as quietness and a smooth driving experience”.

Mercedes has kept the specs of the eActros a secret for now, but hinted that the production model will “beyond the prototype” with more power, longer travel and more safety features. The company also emphasizes that the prototypes have been tested over 500,000 km and are subject to numerous tests to demonstrate performance, safety and durability.

The Mercedes eActros will go into production in the second half of this year at the Wörth am Rhein plant in Germany. Pricing has not yet been announced.

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