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Mercedes opens a road to sell electric cars in Vietnam

The official website announced that it will launch two electric cars EQB and EQS, but Mercedes Vietnam has not given a specific time to open for sale.

Answering that the company is about to sell two electric cars EQB and EQS, the representative of Mercedes Vietnam (MBV) did not deny but also added that “there is no specific plan on the official distribution of EQS electric car models, EQB in particular and Mercedes-EQ models in general in the near future.”

The German automaker added that the information about the Mercedes EQB and EQS models on the MBV website currently includes pictures and illustrative specifications according to the standard configuration in the German market, not for the market. Vietnam.

An EQS model in Germany.

A source from the company said that electric vehicles are included in the company’s business roadmap but cannot be deployed soon. In 2022, it is possible that the company will bring electric cars to Vietnam for the purpose of introducing products and measuring customer reactions.

Most Mercedes dealers do not have information on when to open for sale the two EQB and EQS models. Particularly, there is an agent in Ho Chi Minh City for customers to deposit EQS, the electric version of the S-class with the purpose of “priority to receive the car early” but also does not give a specific timeline when to deliver the car.

Design Mercedes EQB.

Design Mercedes EQB.

In the genuine luxury car segment, with the exception of Porsche selling the electric Taycan, no brand has entered the pure electric car segment. Instead, companies mainly trade products using Mild-Hybrid light hybrid engines using small electric motors to supplement the engine’s operation. Mercedes, BMW, Audi go in this direction. At a higher level, there is Volvo when the Swedish car company sells plug-in hybrid cars that can be charged externally, such as the XC90 Recharge.

In the popular car segment in Vietnam, only VinFast has plans to launch products and sell pure electric commercial vehicles. Japanese, American and Korean firms have not mentioned their plans to target this segment.

Pham Trung
Photo: Mercedes


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