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Mercedes recalls 17,800 G-class cars because of faulty door latches

AmericaThe German automaker recalls 8,324 G550s and 9,476 G63 AMGs, which are in production from June 2018 to February 2021.

The German automaker and the US National Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced a recall for two models of the G-class line. Luxury SUVs are affected by faulty rear door latches, made by the parent company in Germany. Faulty rear door latches will affect closing, opening or locking, increasing the risk of collision or injury.

17,800 G-class models from 2019-2021 are recalled in the US. Image: Mercedes

The recall concerns 17,800 G-class vehicles from 2019-2021, including 8,324 G550s and 9,476 G63 AMGs. All these SUVs are in the production period from June 22, 2018 – February 11, 2021.

NHSTA says the rear door can open while the vehicle is in motion in certain situations or driving patterns. In addition, if the child lock is activated and force is used to open it from the inside, the latches may become deformed. A warning light will illuminate on the instrument panel, alerting the driver of possible danger.

According to the plan, Mercedes in the US will conduct a recall from July 13, the German automaker will replace the rear door latches on both sides, the transmission motor and related screws.

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