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MG HS Trophy discount 140 million VND

The 2.0 Trophy version has the deepest discount with a total discount of nearly 140 million VND, the remaining versions have a reduction of 10-25 million.

The 139 million reduction of 2.0 Trophy includes 50% of the registration fee from the company (about 50 million), the rest is the agent actively reducing. The discounted versions are manufactured in 2021, only the 2.0 Trophy version still has a number of dealers and production vehicles in 2020. This reduction will vary between dealers and the amount can be converted between cash, accessories and body insurance.

Version Listed price Price Endow
1.5 STD 719 709 ten
1.5 Trophy 829 805 25
2.0 Trophy 949 810 139

(Unit: million dong)

MG is a brand that returns to Vietnam in 2020 with two models of ZS and HS. ZS is located in the B-sized crossover segment with a reasonable price, currently attracting many customers’ attention. HS is located in a C-sized crossover, with many equipment, but the price of this model is competitive by many competitors such as CX-5 or Tucson.

Version 2.0 Trophy was most affected when the price was up to 1.1 billion dong before. In addition to the larger, more powerful engine, the 2.0 Trophy version does not have much difference in equipment compared to the 1.5 Trophy version, so it has not been as attractive as the ZS juniors.

When it was just launched in 2020, the MG HS 2.0 Trophy was priced at VND 999 million. So now this model has reduced the price of nearly 200 million dong after a year of appearance. Agents said that after this push, it is likely that HS 2.0 Trophy will no longer be imported to Vietnam, or can wait for the assembly to have a more comfortable price.

MG ZS at the dealer. Image: Hoang Dang



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