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MG Marvel R – new electric SUV coming soon

The electric SUV is aimed at the European market, expected to be released in May, with 3 electric motors and 4-wheel drive.

The Marvel R has one engine on the front and two on the rear, with a total capacity of 284 hp and 665 Nm of torque. Vehicles accelerate 0-50 and 0-100 km / h after 1.8 and 4.9 seconds respectively. Top speed 200 km / h. Towing capacity up to 750 kg. Rear- and 4-wheel drive versions.

After a full charge, the MG’s electric SUV can run 400 km. The battery, which has no capacity yet, can be charged in public stations. The car also supports DC fast charging, with 0-80% charging capacity in 30 minutes. The lithium-im battery also supports an external device, such as an air pump, electric scooter, laptop or other electric vehicle, with a vehicle-to-load (V2L) system.

Marvel R equipped with 3 electric motors, with a capacity of 284 horsepower. Image: MG

With a length of 4,674 mm, a width of 1,919 mm and a height of 1,618 mm, the Marvel R is slightly larger than the Hyundai Kona Electric. 2,800 mm wheelbase.

The rear wheel with a capacity of 357 liters increases to 1,369 liters if the rear seats fold flat. In addition, the front trunk – which was originally devoted to the internal combustion engine – is now empty with a capacity of 150 liters.

Compared with the MG5 Electric, Marvel R has a more discreet appearance, the front part of the car that is intended for the grille is now sealed, the C-shaped headlights, the rear lights are thin and connected.

But the steering wheel of the two MG electric cars is the same, as is the door cladding. However those are also the only two things in common. The rest of Marvel R is different.

19.4-inch touch screen for infotainment and air-conditioning controls, and the dial dial is below. 12.3-inch digital clock, interior lights and leather seats.

More details of Marvel R will be announced near the launch date. The price has not been disclosed.

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