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Michael Apted, Director of “Gorillas in the Mist” and “The World Is Not Enough”, Dies Aged 79

British director Michael Apted, famous for his documentary series Up and his opus of the James Bond saga, died Friday at the age of 79, his agent announced.

Michael Apted had among others directed Nashville Lady (1980) and Gorillas in the mist (1988), as well as the film from the James Bond saga The world is not enough (1999). But he was best known in the UK for his documentary series Up, in which he filmed every seven years the evolution of 14 little Britons from different socio-economic backgrounds, from their 7 years old when the project started in 1964, until their 63 years.

“Our hearts are heavy today as we mourn the passing of this esteemed director”, greeted in a statement Thomas Schlamme, current director of the Guild of the directors of America (DGA), of which Michael Apted was also president. “His legacy will be forever inscribed in the world of cinema and our association”, added Thomas Schlamme, calling his predecessor “fearless visionary”, which he greets “wisdom” and “acerbic spirit”. According to him, Michael Apted leaves behind his wife Paige and three children, Jim, John and Lily.

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