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Milind Soman surprised by cycling 80 km in 3 hours, know how to keep himself fit

Actor Milind Soman has recently set a new record by cycling 80 kms in 3 hours. Even at the age of 56, he keeps working out to keep himself fit.

55-year-old actor and model Milind Soman competes with millions of youth with his fitness. Actor and fitness model Milind Soman has once again surprised his fans. Yes! He broke his old record by cycling 80 km in just 3 hours and 15 minutes. Sharing the post on social media, he wrote that this morning he cycled 80 km in 3 hours 15 minutes. A few months before that, he had traveled 65 km in Kashmir. Together he wrote that he is also going to do more long rides in the future. Stay tuned to see what you’ve never done before.

If you have also become lazy in the winter season, then you should read about the achievements of Milind once. This will not only motivate you to stay fit but will also motivate you to do workouts. If you do not like working out at home, then take out the dusty bicycle in some corner of the house and go for a walk.

During his cycling, Milind was seen in complete out fit. She wore a casual and round neck t-shirt in black and paired it with black cycling shorts. Posing with a bicycle on his Instagram, he wrote that this morning I cycled 80 km with my friend Dhiren Bontra in 3 hours 15 minutes.

Sharing his previous cycling record, he said that the last cycle ride was 65 km in Kashmir and the previous ride was four years ago. Apart from all this, Milind wrote that he rides a bicycle sometimes, but apart from this, he does some exercise every day for a while so that he can keep himself fit and this boredom can be ended.

A few months ago, he ran barefoot from Mumbai’s Shivaji Park to the Statue of Unity in Gujarat, covering a distance of 420 km in just eight days. Talking about his experience, Milind Soman had told that the distance can be anything, 400 kilometers or 100 meters, what matters is your effort.


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