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‘Millions of people lose their jobs if they give up petrol cars’

JapanThe president of Toyota warned that millions of jobs in the auto industry are at risk of disappearing when they abandon the internal combustion engine.

Speaking at a press conference on September 9 in his hometown as president of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Akio Toyoda raised the risk of jobs if the government pursues its ambition to be emissions neutral. with the goal by the end of 2050.

“Japan is an export-driven country. So, neutralizing emissions can lead to employment consequences. Some politicians say we need to turn every car into an electric vehicle, or that industry The manufacturing industry is outdated, but I don’t think that’s the problem. To protect the jobs and the lives of the Japanese people, I think it is necessary to combine the future with our efforts,” Toyota said.

bZ4X concept – concept version of Toyota’s first electric car. Photo: Toyota

Follow Automotive News, Toyoda states that Japan produces about 10 million vehicles a year, with about 50% being exported. Forecasts have shown that even in 2030, the country could produce 8 million cars a year with internal combustion engines, including hybrids and plug-in hybrids (PHEVs). Toyoda thinks the disappearance of the internal combustion engine car could paralyze the labor market.

“It means that the production of more than 8 million cars could disappear, and the auto industry is in danger of losing 5.5 million jobs. If they say that the internal combustion engine is the enemy, then we can. almost impossible to produce any car,” Toyota reasoned.

The head of the Japanese automaker is also steadfast in his belief that hybrid vehicles are still an important bridge technology towards electric vehicles, and especially important in markets with large-scale charging system platforms.

“To achieve the goal of neutralizing emissions, the enemy is CO2, not the internal combustion engine,” Toyoda said. The head of the Japanese automaker and president of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association said that to reduce CO2 emissions, it is necessary to have sustainable and practical initiatives suitable for different situations in different regions and countries. different families.

Toyota, which is behind other automakers in the trend of switching to electric cars, even thinks that this car line is being overblown. Instead, the company expects hydrogen fuel cells and invests in this expensive technology. Even compatriot Honda is not much different when it is quite backward in the field of pure electric vehicles. Currently, they only have two products, Honda e and Clarity.

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