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Minutes of life and death in a car accident

The family of four of us was sitting in a car when a 15-ton high-speed crane was hit directly.

People often say: Only in the face of death, when you stand on the threshold of samsara, do you look back on human life? What is the most important thing in your life? Money or material? It took almost 24 hours for me to feel calm to write the things that I suddenly realized a little after my family was almost back from the dead.

It is hard to imagine what is only so often seen in action movies happening to oneself. A 15-ton cranes running at a speed of 80 km / h suddenly swooped across the street from the other side and crashed into the car I was parked. On that car were four lives of a family. In a split second, I could only reverse gear in time and step on the accelerator quickly. Crazy – The four people in the car have their heads all pushed forward. The smoke rising up feels like a car is on fire …

Facing death in the blink of an eye helped me understand many things. I wonder: What is this life most worthwhile? – It’s family. I only know that at that time the lives of family members are the most important. Just in time, the god opened the car door around the back to hug the child and go around the extra seat so that his wife and children could escape.

That is to live like tomorrow will die. Cherish every moment you are with your family because you may not have the opportunity to say loving words to your friends every day.

It is very careful and uneasy. The perfect life will start from the smallest things. If I do not comply with seat belts in the first place, if I do not take care of children in separate children’s seats, if I do not let the accelerator get ready, I will face a catastrophic accident.

As a drinker but perhaps from now on I will insist on complying with drinking, not driving. I want to jump into “kill a life and death” with the driver who made a few cups and dare to drive. That guy a few minutes ago stole my family’s life.

But then …. I also suddenly thought that the driver “evil god” that also has a family. Maybe somewhere beside the tray of rice, the wife and the children are also waiting for the father to come home from work to gather. Who knows that with a large amount of money to compensate the driver’s hand, he thinks about doing a bad thing. Relieve the anger and find ways to reduce the damage to the one who nearly causes death to his family. Oh humans are so contradictory …

Perhaps, after standing in the middle of this life-and-death boundary, I would change my mind even more. I will have less dreamy vanity stories selling myself mercilessly. I also promise to value the moments of family and relatives more when I know it’s late … Money is also fleeting.

Above all, I started to think a lot about the precious “shields” that should be used to protect family safety. Never before has a professional like me thought of the phrase “5 stars Euro NCAP” …

Readers Nguyen Tan Anh


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