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Miss Universe Sushmita Sen looks so beautiful even at the age of 45, know the secret of her fitness

Bollywood actress and former Miss Universe Sushmita makes millions and crores of hearts crazy with her beauty and style. Sushmita Sen is very active on social media. She is often seen sharing her photos and videos with fans. Sushmita Sen has turned 45 years old, but even with increasing age, there has been no shortage in her beauty and fitness. Behind this is Sushmita’s love for fitness.

Actress Sushmita Sen is one of those actresses who do yoga and exercise daily to keep herself fit. Not only this, he is crazy about fitness. The actress takes full care not only of herself but also of the fitness of her daughters.

Sushmita’s fitness mantra: Actress Sushmita Sen is often seen posting videos on social media while exercising with her boyfriend Rohman Shawl. He loves to exercise. Sushmita not only focuses on the gym, but also pays a lot of attention to yoga. The actress believes that yoga gives her inner peace. Along with gym, the actress also pays attention to exercises like plank, medicine ball plank, cycle crunch etc.

Sushmita loves swimming: Along with exercise, actress Sushmita Sen also loves swimming. Because swimming burns calories. It also activates the muscles.

Sushmita’s daughters are inspired by her: In terms of fitness, both the daughters of the actress are very much inspired by her. That’s why Sushmita Sen often shares videos with her daughters doing yoga and exercises.

Here is the diet plan of the actress: Sushmita Sen starts her day with a glass of lukewarm water and fruits. After this, in breakfast, she eats French toast made from the white part of 6 eggs. In lunch, eat black lentils, cauliflower, 2 chapatis with fish and a bowl of rice.

In the evening snack, Sushmita Sen eats fresh vegetable soup with biscuits etc. After this, she eats raita of lentils, curd or green vegetables for dinner. The actress does not take carbs at all during dinner.

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